Networking at Turbine

As a start-up or SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise), networking is a key activity that can be critical to your business survival. It expands your business’ ability to find new customers, partners and connections. In Mauritius or elsewhere, networking opportunities are broad and change constantly, from typical small events and business-oriented workshops to industry-wide conferences. However, these opportunities might be efficient and cost-effective ways to develop your business with a growing network encompassing potential customers and investors. Now a question remains: what are these opportunities and where do we find them? Let’s find out. 

Business Accelerators in Mauritius

Business accelerators are known for being network-based ventures. Whether you’re a startup or SME, a business accelerator is exactly what you need to accelerate your startup growth. This mentor-based programme will provide you with extensive guidance, support and structure for a set period of time but also help you gain exposure to a wide range of experienced entrepreneurs. Turbine offers one of the finest acceleration programmes in Mauritius. Dedicated to established startups that are ready to scale and need investment to grow their team, increase their tractions and revenues, this acceleration programme is a full-packed journey that opens doors to a cohort of 8 startups that will work together to achieve their goals. This 6-months intensive development programme will offer a helping hand to startups and SMEs by providing free working space, fortnightly business coaching sessions and networking workshops with top speakers and experts among other benefits. If you want to be provided with a solid foundation and network with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts to move forward, Turbine might be your ladder to success in this journey.

Conferences to grow your network

Workshop at Turbine

Large conferences are known for welcoming multiple industries at once and guess who’s going to benefit from that? Being a perfect platform to position your brand with industry leaders, conferences can help you promote your startup, gain new clients and connections, contact new suppliers, develop partnerships and all of this without spending much. Speaking at a conference may also increase your chances of expanding your businesses with more people looking forward to introducing themselves to you afterwards. 

Now if you want to move to the next round by making the network come to you, Oficea Meetings might be a partner of choice in your connection venture. By providing the business community with a full range of first-class modular space for conferences, board meetings, training sessions, product launches, presentations and more in the luxuriant setting of Vivéa Business Park, Oficea Meetings is definitely a top-notch venue that your attendees won’t forget in the heart of Moka! 

Speed Networking in Mauritius

Speed Networking at Turbine

Speed networking events are literally hubs for business connections. Within a fixed and short amount of time, these events encourage entrepreneurs to speak with others during an intensive session. Whether it is online or in-person, this is a valuable opportunity to make several contacts in a matter of hours. It is typically for startups and SMEs that seek exposure to new markets, without having to invest hours into doing so. 

Turbine organised a Speed Networking Session in May 2022 with its experts, startups, and local entrepreneurs with the aim to bring together its network for the first time and offer them opportunities to collaborate with each other. These kinds of events help startups and SMEs build connections whilst learning from other business owners. If you are one of the latter, you might find the opportunity to share with others the challenges you’re facing and the resources you require to bounce back. Follow us on LinkedIn to know more about our upcoming events. 

Webinars or Workshops hybrid or in Moka and how to sign up

Webinars and workshops are great networking opportunities as well. Webinars are valuable opportunities to meet and greet with other entrepreneurs online if you aren’t able to find local in-person networking events. You will be able to virtually mingle with other attendees on specific online platforms giving also space for more personal conversations. And as for workshops, they are not only giving you the chance to meet new people who are outside your organisation, but also offering specific settings that provide an opportunity to learn a new skill or perfect an existing one. They are both efficient opportunities that combine learning and connection within one event.  Again, during its multiple full-packed workshops, Turbine ensured that all its attendees left its events full of inspiration and ready to take their respective industry by storm! Through the ASPIRElearn three-weeks programme, Turbine offers 3 workshops delivered by expert trainers with the aim to influence startups and entrepreneurs in their early stages of development.  This is a valuable opportunity to bring your business to the next level and develop the skills to become a thoughtful leader.

Community Groups to expand your reach

Turbine's Community

While not being a specific networking event, joining a thriving community will provide you the chance to expand your reach and develop new connections. Community groups will help you connect with other business professionals and startup owners you may have not otherwise met and create lasting relationships. In addition, you’ll be part of something much bigger where others will want to network with you just because you serve the same purpose. 

Turbine is also an enviable thriving community. Whether you decide to join as a startup coach, an investor, or an expert, we will support and inspire you in various ways. Home to a diverse range of entrepreneurs and innovators, Turbine’s community will offer you the chance to surround yourself with different like-minded peers and spark a relationship between you and others to encourage beneficial partnerships. 

Networking opportunities are blossoming everywhere whether it is locally or internationally. If you really want to expand your professional connections and give a new direction to your business, the key is to find the right platform that will give you multiple networking opportunities to be able to do so. 

Turbine, as a forerunner in the startup accelerator community, might be the one you’re looking for with its massive pool of networks and connections, enlightening resources, industry expertise, and unparalleled portfolio of success stories. If you want to have access to this landscape of opportunities and elevate your business potential, contact us through and let’s help you out in succeeding!