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We empower start-ups by bridging the gap with our corporate partners and providing quality, professional services and support to startups to help them grow and scale


The Test Drive is Turbine’s Pre-Incubation Programme and is here to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their business ideas into a business plan and an investor Pitch.


The Incubation Programme is here to help start-ups reach important milestones in their development phase, whether securing their first clients, mapping out their product road map or hiring new team members.


The Acceleration Programme is designed to help start-ups scale rapidly and move into a new phase of Growth.

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An initiative of the French Embassy in Mauritius

We help corporates to


One of the biggest challenges for a corporate is to Innovate. Turbine has developed 2 main Programmes that help big corporates innovate thanks to start-ups and entrepreneurs.


Turbine helps corporates find innovative start-ups solutions for their innovation needs.


We empower your in-house talents to develop ideas into successful projects with the best start-up tools and methodology.

A Thriving


Wherever we are in the world, knowing that we can help and support start-ups’ founders reach important milestones, meet relevant people, understand complexity of businesses will make us feel proud and valuable

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We provide one to one business coaching and professional services so you can start with confidence your entrepreneurial journey.

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