Want to be an entrepreneur?

ASPIRElearn, a first-of-its-kind Programme, is free and open to Mauritian aspiring entrepreneurs committed to see their business ideas coming to fruition. This programme will prepare them for Turbine’s Pre- Incubation (Test Drive Programme) selection.

3 Workshops Delivered

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

What Makes Your Business Unique and Scalable

How To Communicate and Market Your Products/Services



You want to be an entrepreneur, but you feel like you lack some skills to strengthen your business idea and your personality. Also, you can adopt ASPIRElearn to reinforce your application before applying for Turbine’s Test Drive.


ASPIRElearn is a three-week programme, which will impart the personal and organisational aspects of entrepreneurship and develop the essential skills for laying the foundation for a start-up. Participants will receive professional guidance to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and perceive upcoming opportunities and challenges through an enterprising lens.


3-week programme


3 workshops delivered by expert trainers, including staff of the ENL group


The curriculum includes technical aspects of founding a start-up like design thinking, value propositioning, scaling, funding and market analysis


Chances for being selected to participate in Turbine’s Test Drive Programme