On March 28, 2023, we here at Turbine, hosted a successful event in collaboration with Bank One Limited. The event was part of Turbine’s “Meet With” series, and featured Mimi Kalinda, the Group CEO and Co-founder of Africa Communications Media Group, as the guest speaker.

The event was Turbine’s first successful hybrid “Meet With” and networking event, with 20+ attendees joining online and 40+ attendees at W17 Moka. The event started with an introduction from Turbine’s team, who thanked Bank One for their support in making this event possible. This was followed by a keynote speech from Mimi Kalinda, who shared her entrepreneurial journey and tips on how to build a compelling narrative as an entrepreneur.

During her speech, Mimi highlighted the importance of storytelling for entrepreneurs and provided insights on the questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves when shaping their narrative. She also discussed common mistakes to avoid and measures to take to prevent them from occurring again. Her speech was inspiring and thought-provoking, and left attendees with valuable insights on how to effectively communicate their business ideas and connect with potential investors and partners.

The keynote speech was followed by a networking session between Turbine’s community and partners of Bank One, which provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to exchange ideas and explore potential business opportunities. Overall, the networking event between Turbine and Bank One was an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, and professionals to network, exchange ideas, and explore potential opportunities.

The event was a huge success, and we would like to extend our thanks to Mimi Kalinda for accepting Turbine’s invitation and sharing her insights, lessons, and entrepreneurial journey. We would also like to thank Bank One for their support in making the event possible. It is through partnerships like these that we can bring together great minds and foster a thriving entrepreneurial community at Turbine. We look forward to more collaborative events like this in the future, which will undoubtedly help to drive innovation and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs in Mauritius.

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