Meet Turbiners

Our team consists of exceptional people with a passion for and track record in innovation entrepreneurship. We are committed to working with you through the challenging moments that make or break a business. Turbine is led by a Committee drawn from the ENL Group’s senior management and heavyweight independent directors.

Their people skills, experience and expertise help our portfolio companies go from strength to strength.

Our incubated start-ups

















Marc Israel

Start Up coach

Marc is a Geek, an Entrepreneur, a Public Speaker, Author, but first and foremost, a Human Being.
Marc is passionate about Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Integrity.

Alexandrine Maigrot

Start Up coach

Alexandrine is an Entrepreneur with a strong experience in product development and Marketing within the textile and tourism industry in Mauritius.

Alexandrine is passionate about Human development.

Fabrice Boullé

Start Up coach

I am an intuitive venture capitalist focussing on seed stage start-ups in Africa. I strongly value human partnership and fiercely believe the Mauritian start-ups have a great potential.

Isabelle de Mello

Start Up coach

I believe in finding the talent in each individual and pushing them to exceed expectations.
I was fortunate to learn in successful companies, make a few mistakes along the way, I hope to share my learnings with young Mauritian entrepreneurs so they can go faster and further.

Krystel Dookhith

Start Up coach

I am a finance specialist and strategic thinker, passionate about the life of companies. My aim is to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business as well as manage more confidently

Operational team

Diane Maigrot

Start-up and Business Growth Manager

My mission is to build an environment for individuals, teams and corporates conducive to innovating and creating new ventures. I have 20 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, my motivation today is to see you succeed!

Sohashnee Kowal

Start-up Admin and Communication Coordinator

My aim is to make Turbine’s start-ups visible on our social media platforms and ensuring the smooth running of the community. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and marketing.

Eva Picot

Start-up Programme and Ecosystem Coordinator

Currently majoring in Social Sciences at ALU, I find the power of innovation and entrepreneurship in solving problems very interesting, and a journey worth being part of. My aim is to ease cooperation between start-ups and corporates, as well as nurture Turbine’s ecosystem.

Our Unique Network

The Turbine is a wholly owned subsidiary of ENL Limited. All of the Turbine’s operating profits are reinvested into the incubator. We work closely with STING, a leading Swedish incubator with over 14 years in the business and Compass is a venture capital fund. As from September 2020, MCB is an official sponsor of Turbine Incubator.
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