Turbine welcomed Celine Planel for an exclusive workshop on “Brand Identity” for its Test Drive 8 Participants during May 2022.

The Test Drive Programme at Turbine is a 12-week intense programme for ambitious entrepreneurs to help develop their innovative solutions into an Investor Pitch and a solid Business Plan through a series of workshops by professionals, weekly business coaching and networking, exposure & visibility.

Celine Planel

Celine, the Founder and Managing Director of Beyond Communications is a professional in Marketing and Communication. Beyond Comm was also an official sponsor of Turbine’s Test Drive 7 and 8 respectively for the Most Innovative Business Idea.

About the workshop

Test Drive Workshop with Celine Planel

Each and every company must give importance to brand identity, which in its very essence, the reason why it’s been created. Entrepreneurs wishing to launch their business need a strong brand identity that will help establish their brand on the market and create a lasting image of their business in the eyes and minds of their target audience.

Undeniably, brand identity is the foundation of a company’s communications strategy, subsequently helping to consolidate and refine its brand image, i.e. the way customers perceive the brand. When customers are interested in a product or service, they are also attracted to the brand image. The values you convey, the ideas you propose, the lifestyle you suggest… all of these play a role in attracting and keeping customers; they are important aspects to consider!

Celine adds that:

For a brand identity to be effective, it must be clear, simple as that. Ideally, the public should be able to identify the product or service on offer from the name, which has the potential of immediately targeting the desired audience. Though it may lessen its impact in terms of quantity, each of the people targeted by the brand will remember its identity.

Graphic work is also an essential component. Today, information travels quickly, capturing people’s attention less and less easily. It is important for your branding to be striking and original enough for people to remember it over the long-term. In the world we live in, a company cannot afford to neglect the power of a graphically modern logo.