How can a business incubator help me in developing my business idea

Entrepreneurship is becoming a highly sought-after career path for many individuals. With just an idea that solves a real problem in the market or has great utility, many aspiring entrepreneurs want to be part of the game and bring their building blocks to a sustainable economy. However, the numbers don’t lie, most of them do not have a business background. This is why seeking help from the relevant entities for active guidance, mentoring, and a proper amount of hand holding might be the best path for you. How can a business incubator assist in developing my business idea? 

Business Incubators 

In today’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, entrepreneurs and startups need assistance, more than ever, in reaching networks, obtaining proper guidance and technical support for their businesses. With a viable business idea in mind, all they need to do is seek the help of experts to succeed in a favourable environment. This is where business incubators such as Turbine Business Incubator come in. These certified companies incubate the growth and success of startups and entrepreneurs by providing support in a variety of ways including office space, mentorship, networking, funding, marketing resources, and business skills training and development. These platforms are here to help entrepreneurs bootstrap during their early stages and develop their business idea with invaluable help and counselling. 

Turbine pitch night

If you’re looking for an incubator that provides the benefits mentioned earlier to startups and aspiring entrepreneurs, Turbine will stack the deck in your favour. Our remarkable incubator has developed a free programme to help entrepreneurs just like you to transform their business ideas into thriving startups. TEST DRIVE, our pre-incubation programme of 12-weeks will enable you to obtain one-to-one support in developing your business idea into an actionable business plan, the incorporation of your business, through extensive workshops with established professionals and pitching to potential investors to scale that idea right away. 

If you want to get your idea off the ground and jumpstart your business journey, contact us right now through and find how we can help you develop your business idea. 

What to expect from a business incubator?

Workshop at Turbine

In fact, incubators offer a key structure to start converging any idea into a concrete plan. These new actors in the world economy offer an array of solutions to speed up the growth of startups and early stage companies. Here’s what you can expect from them to help you develop your business idea: 

Validation of Business Idea

Not only must your business idea be clearly defined, it should also be validated on whether it can actually work or not. You may consider your idea as revolutionary or above reproach at first, but with the assistance of an incubator, you’ll understand precisely what is your commercial potential or if it does address a real-life problem. The incubator will help you know if your idea can address the market needs and create a viable structure to kickstart your business.

Business Coaching

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Early intervention by experts and professionals is vital to the initial development of your business idea. Incubators will provide you access to industry leaders who will support you as a business coach and refine your business goals, vision, and future roadmap. You will have an external point of view, and thus, avoid some common mistakes that other entrepreneurs can make without proper guidance. You’ll learn about the various nuances of starting up, and create a foundation for establishing a prosperous and significant business path.

Co-working space

Like Turbine, some incubators offer co-working space with a number of other startups and entrepreneurs. You will have access to office amenities such as conference rooms and private cubicles and other benefits that may reduce the overall costs of both launching and operating a startup. Last but not least, your startup will be part of a melting pot of ideas where entrepreneurs support each other in their endeavours and help ride difficult times. This can be a great opportunity to find your first clients as well.

Access to funding options

Pitch session at Turbine

Funding opportunities is what makes business incubators a valuable resource for startups. Being well entrenched and well networked in the business ecosystem, incubators typically have numerous partners that want to invest . If investors find potential business ideas that they believe will have an interesting return on investment, they will eventually consider funding these startups. In this way, not only will the startup find a funding source for its specific industry, but it may also strengthen the bond between businesses and investors. These funds may help you scale your business rapidly. 

Choose your business incubator

As discussed in this article, a business incubator will provide you with resources, advice, network and funding you need to start your business in the best way possible. It can definitely be a good business decision if you want to structure and develop your idea with the right people. If you lack the knowledge, skills, and experience to build a successful business around an idea, do not hesitate to contact us for more guidance and advice.