Mauritius has multiple very good locations for your business. Read further to find out where to start a business in Mauritius in 2022.

When it comes to doing business, whether you are a location-independent business nomad or not, picking the best strategic jurisdiction to launch your startup is not easy as pie. From tax implications, and paperwork to economic situations and market setbacks, choosing the right niche depends on thoroughly researching every option and figuring out what you want and need for your business. 

However, you may very well consider Mauritius as your business “home” country after familiarising yourself with our unique business ecosystem. 

Mauritius as a prime business destination

In the middle of the turquoise Indian Ocean, surrounded by white sand beaches, mountains, and breathtaking scenery, Mauritius serves as a hotbed for its thriving diversity, culture, and innovation. 

Culture & People

Culture in Mauritius

With a diverse and multicultural population of almost 1.3 million people, our ancestors have crafted a long and strong growth-oriented developmental path towards an ideal modern business climate. 

Reliable Business Structures

With a solid reputation, a strong code of ethics, a stable democratic state, and a vibrant economy, Mauritius has positioned itself as a reliable investment hub offering a large range of opportunities in different sectors.  With the continuing expansion of our broad-based and well-diversified economy, our island offers significant benefits including low administration costs, a hybrid legal framework, a well regulated banking system, and more.

Well known business locations in Mauritius

Our man-made paradise has established itself as an ideal investment with the inception of well-known business locations such as Port Louis and Moka Smart City which is home to the unique Vivéa Business Park

Open a business in Moka in Mauritius

The Moka Smart City  is a well connected place in the centre of the island where locals and foreigners can set up their business and thrive in the best possible conditions. As a financial hub, this ideal location offers world-class facilities to their tenants, investors and partners.

Oficea Co-working

Offices for Rent in Moka and Coworking Spaces for flexibility

In its contemporary, mixed-use office park, Moka Smart City has implemented a hybrid-working environment that has transformed the way of doing business in Mauritius. There are also LEED Certified buildings promoting a greener environment in Moka along with Coworking spaces (hyperlink to Oficea Coworking) for SMEs and start-ups to grow while having access to state-of-the-art facilities. 

This strategic location offers interconnected spaces in order to build their own working ecosystem which positions them in becoming a place of choice to live, work and play.

Start a Business in Port Louis, the Capital of Mauritius

One cannot talk about where to do business in Mauritius without mentioning Port-Louis. Known as the business and administrative capital of Mauritius, Port-Louis has always been the city of choice for hosting judicial, political and business activities in the country. 

Port Louis, Mauritius

Why choose Port-Louis to do business

While being “incontournable” for foreigners when visiting the island, the capital city is ideal for global entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the investment opportunities and fiscal incentives offered by the government. 

Port-Louis: Government and Public Institutions

On the same note, Port-Louis hosts government bodies that are essential for starting a business, such as the Registrar of Companies, the Mauritius Revenue Authority and the Development Bank of Mauritius for instance. Having all these amenities in the vicinity can benefit your business in terms of time management and productivity.

Opportunities for startups and SMEs in Mauritius

Indeed, the healthy investment climate of Mauritius has been nurtured by the government, the business community and the civil society at large. In this constant transformative economical journey, the support and assistance offered to investors and professionals in their business path have always prevailed.

Start-Ups in Mauritius

Mauritius Government programmes promoting growth of SMEs, Start-Ups and New Businesses 

A series of business development programs have been established over the years to cater for the same. The government has initiated programs such as SME Partnership Fund, Mauritius Business Growth Scheme, AFD Green Lending Scheme and others to encourage and assist entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses on the island. 

Start a business with an Incubator in Mauritius

The private sector also contributes to this series of innovation by offering growth-oriented programmes to professionals. Turbine Business Incubator provides intensive business incubation and business acceleration programmes that targets individuals or teams with cutting-edge business ideas and helps them to develop their business ideas into a real business venture, with the help of renowned experts and business coaches in Mauritius. 

Workshop for start-ups at Turbine

In addition, Turbine provides a first-class environment offering start-ups and companies the opportunity to co-exist in an interconnected space where they can assist, support and learn from each other. 
The shared work spaces bring a new culture of work in our evolutive ecosystem and bring together trust, innovation and diversity in a single location. Located within Vivéa Business Park in Moka Smart City, Turbine is looking forward to building its community of professionals with you, and you can start right away by emailing us on

Coworking Space in Moka

A top-notch meeting and co-working venue providing a full range of first-class modular spaces for offices, co-working and meetings for up to 90 guests in the heart of Mauritius. Oficea is a truly unique and inspirational alternative for your board meetings, presentations, conferences, training sessions, product launches and more. Let’s take the stress out of catering for your business by finding out what Oficea has to offer.

While we hope the arguments mentioned above have been informative, this is only an overview of how Mauritius can be an attractive option to set up your business. With the emerging sectors that have the potential of becoming tomorrow’s economic pillar, what are you waiting for to benefit from our lucrative market? If you believe Mauritius can be a favorable investment option, contact Turbine to find out more about how we can help your business thrive.