In our quest to build our incubated start-ups capabilities and enhance their entrepreneurial journey with the right tools and information, we invited Philippe Hardy, managing director and corporate finance advisor at PSG Wealth and chairperson of Transparency Mauritius, to help our start-ups with his deep understanding in finance, growth and the shareholder agreement that an entrepreneur needs to know and apply so as to reduce risk and increase their chances of success.

Philippe explicitly shared with us the life cycle of a company and the various types of investment, including when, where and who to seek for investment. He explained that as the company’s life cycle increases, the risk decreases. He advised our start-ups on the most appropriate types of funding (equity / quasi-equity / debt) to use in each case stating their pros and cons and giving examples. Being an expert in finance, he created awareness on the different factors of investment that a company needs to consider and how to evaluate the company’s value at each stage.

Moving to the second part of our workshop, Philippe talked about the key factors of the Company’s Act that we need to consider, explaining the types of shares and forms, whether or not to consider constitution, duties of directors, types of companies and other legal and regulatory aspects. He eventually gave us a complete outlook on the Shareholder’s agreement whereby it is imperative to clearly understand each person’s involvement and duties, the company’s activity, business plan, and to foresee the governance & management of the company. Such agreements can be very flexible and they become very useful when well designed.

Overall, this workshop was highly satisfying with great detailing, insights and business case examples that allowed our incubated start-ups to understand how to best implement the various discussed matters and why they are essentials. Our sincere gratitude goes to Philippe Hardy who made this workshop not only possible but also very clear and simple. Philippe has always worked with entrepreneurs and he shared with Turbine his passion for entrepreneurial finance. “In Mauritius, we always had the culture of entrepreneurship,  but in recent years, good entrepreneurs have become scarce. I am so glad to be part of the initiatives of Turbine to rekindle the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our country and make it even better.”

Turbine enable start-ups to meet with the best experts who have worked with entrepreneurs and can clearly understand their circumstances. Our workshop are thus tailor made as per the needs of our incubated start-ups aiming at sharing crucial entrepreneurial insights. Being entrepreneur is not easy when alone, and getting the right information and guidance is essential. We are glad to help out these dynamic and motivated entrepreneurs in conquering their milestones.


AVR Tech Plato: “We found this workshop very instructive, learning about the policies involved in funding and growth and how to best structure our shareholders agreement.”

Mauritius Conscious: “This workshop gave me a great insight into my funding opportunities at every given stage of my business. I was waiting for this workshop to gather all the possible information that I needed to best build my shareholder agreement. This workshop is very good. I am highly satisfied.”