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A beautiful, fully-equipped co-working space

Enjoy free access to a cool, airy co-working space in an ex-industrial building in Moka, in the centre of Mauritius. Includes access to meeting rooms, a locker, events space, a kitchen and common areas.

Community and networking

Connect with people, increase your visibility, participate in events, meet potential partners and investors within the Turbine’s vast business network will definitely helps your business.

Business coaching

You will have a dedicated business coach who will follow your progress and help you face your challenges, prioritise your goals and grasp new opportunities.

Access to Finance

You can benefit from exposure to Compass Venture Capital, our sister company and other business angels and pitch for a seed investment to boost your business.

Free Workshops

Every month a Workshop will be delivered to our incubated startups, the objectives are to give startups best advises to run a successful company.

Free Expertise

Having experts working on our business case could be too expensive for a startup, this is why Turbine Incubation Programme cater for 30 free experts hours during your incubation.

Incubators and accelerators are two different things.

What is a start-up incubator or accelerator?


Incubators help entrepreneurs turn a promising idea into an early-stage company (with a defined business model). They offer resources and support including physical space, coaching and mentoring, as well as access to capital, networking and a community of entrepreneurs.


Accelerators are the next step up. They help early-stage start-ups turn into businesses that generate revenue and can potentially take on venture capital. Accelerators typically give businesses seed funding and access to a network of mentors in exchange for a small amount of equity.

You have an idea or you need to grow your existing business

Our programmes

We help them grow

Our incubated companies

Feuilles et Fleurs
Feuilles et Fleurs
Nathalie Daruty

Feuilles et Fleurs, founded by Nathalie Daruty, is a start-up that offers natural, local and good quality products. Nathalie not only cultivates her plants and creates products, she also organizes various workshops to share her knowledge. These workshops are aimed at people who recognize the importance of Health, that prevention was better than curing symptoms through chemistry, who are also environmentally friendly and who want to learn the proper way of doing culture. Nathalie’s creations today include twelve varieties of infusions namely turmeric powder, moringa powder, bulk raw dried plants, massage balls (Siam buffer), sage-based purification fagots.

Jason Delorie and Eva Graham

Connectme is a start-up that aims to change the way you search, evaluate and book services. It comprises of niche specified platforms that allow users to easily connect with trusted service providers. The founders, Jason Delorie and Eva Graham, are currently building their first product: tutorme.mu .  Tutorme is a website which enables parents and students to make informed decisions when seeking tuition, while also allowing tutors to focus on what they do best, teach! The team is currently reaching out to teachers who wish to be part of this community.

Jade Li

Katapult is an initiative to encourage young people to get involved in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and mathematics). Founded by Jade Li, this start-up offers game-based learning experiences in robotics and coding to develop the computational thinking of children, but above all to show them that they can really change the world.

Yohanna Laroque

Friend’livery is a crowdshipping platform with the objective of connecting travelers, with people who need to receive or send something that travelers could ship. This start-up allows you to receive and send products anywhere in the world. Founded by Yohanna Laroque, friend’very was recently launched and already has an active community of more than 500 Facebook members.

Coralie Martie and Joe Lodge

Through highly interactive training Gemstone create a growth mindset which enables the acquisition of key transferable skills. Boosting these transferable skills has impact not only at an individual level, but also in the way employees interact and collaborate with team-members, and in how they contextualize and align their objectives and values with those of the organisation in which they work.

AVR Plato
AVR Plato
Tabi, Wisdon and Shameer

Concerned with students’ attention span and comprehension capabilities, AVR Plato Ltd team is dedicated to transforming education in Africa. Their project is a tailor-made application for students with interactive learning. The System is built using Augmented and Virtual reality technologies to create interactive 3D representations of objects and concepts. This is aimed at creating a learning experience that is enjoyable and more comprehensive.

Conscious Travel
Conscious Travel
Co-Founder Romina Tello Soberanes

Mauritius Conscious is building a community of conscious travelers and is committed to offer authentic holiday products with a direct link to Mauritian culture, heritage and history. In the vision to promote eco-tourism this start-up organizes the whole journey in Mauritius in the most clean and enjoyable way possible.

Co-founders Paul and Alexandre

Fundkiss is aiming at opening up a new world of opportunities for investors as well as SMEs. By developing a crowd-lending digital platform in Mauritius, Fundkiss will helps SMEs to find a new source of financing for the company, while offering to the public the opportunity to invest directly in corporate loans.

Fancy Dreams
Fancy Dreams
Dodiya Mardemootoo

“Exclusively Yours!” – This is the motto that has been driving this company forward since its creation in 2015. A pledge to make every customer feel valued by providing them with customized designed products such as gift box for various occasions. Using high level technological equipment in architecture and designing, the start-up can give life to any design that the client can imagine. Having already quite a good solid base of clients, this startup does not let go of opportunities.

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