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27/02/2019: Co-working open day

Working on your own is not always easy. Turbine Co-working comes with the right dose of fun, meet ups and focus. Try it. Get your free passes now!
What jobs will our children have in 20-30 years?

What jobs will our children have in 20-30 years?

The upcoming years will foster drastic innovations in terms of technology. With the advancement of  blockchain and artificial intelligence, human interference will decrease dramatically. This in turn, will have a significant impact on the job…
woman entrepreneur

Nathalie Daruty, a woman entrepreneur promoting medicinal plants

Nathalie Daruty is a woman entrepreneur in Mauritius promoting medicinal plants. For a long time, Nathalie has been working on starting her enterprise Feuilles et fleurs and wants to take her business to the next level.  Now with all the knowledge,…
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4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs for Maximum Productivity Minimum Stress

Business for entrepreneurs are their passion project, but it’s probably also their number one source of stress. So entrepreneur, when your productivity is directly tied to your business’s success, it’s all too easy to neglect life’s…

24/01/2019: Free Business coaching

Got business queries? Why not discuss them with our business coach? Book an appointment free of charge for the 24th January 2019. Register now!

24/01/2019: Free Co-working

Every last Thursday and Friday of the month, we offer free Co-working passes! These passes are for those who wish to experience what it is like to co-work in an open space environment. Our co-workers are entrepreneurs, innovators and various…
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