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    What’s up at Turbine?

The Turbine hosted the launch of "SheVestor Africa" on 5th August 2017

The Meet and Greet Mauritius event was for young African women who are keen on becoming financially independent and building a stable financial life. This event introduced the sheVestor Africa community to women in Mauritius to create…

The Turbine is hosting the "front end camp code"

The "Front-End Code Camp" will take place on July 1st 2017 at the Turbine, a start-up incuba- tor and co-working space in Mauritius. It is a free event (already booked out), organized by the Front-End Dev Mauritius community, which wishes…

Creative Economy and Social Entrepreneurship

The Turbine had the chance to host Dasha Kelly Hamilton, American spoken word artist and social entrepreneur though a fabulous event organised by the US Embassy! With Dasha's guidance, we learned tools to use our creativity in exciting and…
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