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Magnus Rehn is an engineer, turned serial entrepreneur turned coach, investor and advisor. He currently wears many hats, juggling between his many responsibilities masterfully travelling from Sweden to Portugal to Singapore. Early in December…
Human resources: recruitment and technology

Human resources: recruitment and technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) might represent a threat to some jobs which could be carried out by machines in the future. However, this technology remains very interesting in the field of recruitment and skills management. In an ever-changing…

E-Businesses: 6 tips to follow before buying a website

Getting a website is a popular method to gain online profits and a trendy way to become an e-businessperson. It may be tempting to take advantage of the benefits of a large website with little effort. However, it is slightly more complicated…
5 ways to motivate your team

5 ways to motivate your team

A motivated team equals work that is of high quality. Discover 5 tips to motivate your suppliers or employees on a daily basis. Poorly motivated employees or suppliers tend to quickly exhaust themselves, thus becoming unproductive. You…
Branding: how to assess the quality of your brand identity?

Branding: how to assess the quality of your brand identity?

Having a strong brand identity is often vital to a business as it affects a company’s image and sales. The process to achieving one takes a lot of effort and time. Here are some elements that can help you to assess the quality of your brand.   Your…

Entrepreneur’s Talk with Zulaika Sunthbocus

In attempt to keep its incubated entrepreneurs inspired and motivated, Turbine organizes Entrepreneur’s Talks. This is an opportunity for founders of new start-ups to learn about the journey of seasoned entrepreneurs, to ask them for advice…
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