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Arnaud Segura Conference on Collaborative Marketing

What could happen if we give super powers to our customers? Nowadays collaboration is more than ever used to develop businesses. From a marketing perspective, how could we involve, stimulate our consumers/customers and request their help? Arnaud…

Krakathon Code Competition

Want to show off your coding skills? This intensive 24-hour non-stop code competition will allow you to join your developer friends and try gain a maximum of points. For more details about the event click here.

Connect and Meet with other Entrepreneurs

Turbine and Expat.com invite you to come and share your entrepreneurial adventure in Mauritius Thursday, September 21st  from 6pm to 9pm. This event is reserved for Mauritian and expatriate entrepreneurs and will be an opportunity for…

Women in Tech Week Mauritius

The event brings together women who combines technology and entrepreneurship. The 5 days event taking place will give you the opportunity to train and discuss with thousands of women around the globe both physically and virtually on issues such as Technology,…

Workshop: Learning to code

Atelier Makers is a workshop that took place the 5th August 2017 at the Turbine. It introduced the module ESP 8266 where a demo on how to connect the ESP8266 with a sensor and an actuator as well as how to remotely access and get the reading…

The Turbine hosted the launch of "SheVestor Africa" on 5th August 2017

The Meet and Greet Mauritius event was for young African women who are keen on becoming financially independent and building a stable financial life. This event introduced the sheVestor Africa community to women in Mauritius to create…
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