The winning start-up will be invited to set up a POC exercise for the Mauritian market for B2B and B2C segments. Following the successful completion of the POC, the winning start-up solution shall be deployed in a first phase on the Mauritian market and following the successful implementation in Mauritius for MUA’s customers, the winning start-up will be invited in a second phase to develop a disruptive motor insurance product in partnership with MUA for the East African markets in which MUA operates.


  • A 12 month commercial contract with MUA for the use of the solution based on the number of active users or a one-off payment for a white mark utilization of your solution.

  • Marketing support and promotion from the MUA team for your solution in Mauritius and potentially in a second phase in East Africa


  • Shortlisted start-ups will be invited in a second phase to prepare an action plan and a strategy to onboard and retain MUA's individual customers and corporate fleet customers in Mauritius

  • Shortlisted start-ups will have the opportunity to discuss with key stakeholders, learn more about the MUA's statement,legislations and business-related questions for Mauritius and East Africa


  • Your start-up is for profit, registered and up to date with all your local compliance and governance requirements.

  • You have a telematics related product or service available in the market right now, with demonstrated tangible traction and evidence of clients and revenue.

  • Your commercial offer is attractive and demonstrate a good ROI.

  • You have a proven strategy to implement your solution through 2 specific customer segments which are:
    • 18-45 years old drivers with focus on young drivers (B2C)
    • Corporate fleet vehicle (B2B)

  • You have a strong management team, consisting of high skilled complementary resources.

  • You can easily deploy a team to Mauritius to implement the project.

  • You have potential to achieve scale into multiple markets.

  • While there will be exceptions, mostly likely your start-up has already received investments capital, structured as either debt or equity, or received grants from donor organizations.

  • You will work with MUA to determine and calibrate an appropriate scoring model to rate the drivers using the telematics related product or service.

  • You have a data analytics solution that would use data collected through the telematics related product or service to allow MUA to better understand drivers’ behaviour.


To select the top 5 star-ups and the winners
Commercial Value

Commercial Value of your Product/Service

Your company addresses a real problem in the motor insurance (B2B and B2C).The telematic solution is differentiated to others in the industry and can be adapted for different markets.

MUA Statement

MUA Statement and beyond

Your solution addresses the current challenges MUA faces and has the ability to be implemented with all MUA customers (B2B and B2C),as well as being applicable in East Africa.



The team has the qualifications needed to make the business successful and you can deploy a team to Mauritius to set up operations here.

Market Traction & Commercial

Market Traction & Commercial

We will evaluate your market traction as well as reference sites, number of users, major partners and clients. We’ll also look at your business model, revenue streams and unit economics.


MUA Challenge Launch

Applications open

20th July 2020

General Challenge Regulations Webinar

28th August 2020


Applications Close

14th September 2020

Shortlisted Candidates’ Announcement

30th September 2020

Final selection

Strategy And Action Plan Submission

16th October 2020

Winners Announcement

30th October 2020



MUA is a regional insurance group operating in Mauritius, Seychelles, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, recognised as the market leader for Motor Insurance