• Test Drive Programme

    Our Pre-Incubation offer

Turbine Test Drive Programme is our Pre-Incubation offer. It is a hands-on training programme for individuals or teams with business ideas who want to get support to sharpen their business models and validate their Minimum Viable Product.

The business idea should be innovative and scalable. The programme is based on Business Model Canvas, a strategic template for the development of business models. It is a popular tool used by entrepreneurs across the world.

Innovative, expandable, scalable


We welcome people/teams with business ideas in all industries. Scalability is an important element and you should have a desire to start a business around the idea.

Can you afford it?


The Turbine Test Drive programme is free. You contribute with your own time and passion. You commit to participate in all workshops and submit all deliverables on time.

We are committed to protect all business ideas


As a requirement to attend the programme, all participants and organizers sign a non disclosure agreement. No information (concepts, technologies or names of participants) may be spread outside the programme without their consent.

About the programme

In the Turbine Test Drive programme, the theory is mixed with practice where experts inspire and help you stake out a path forward.

The programme consists of 4 evening workshops and a final Demo day. Between workshops, tasks are given along with individual coaching from Turbine’s experienced coaches and Turbine’s experts. On the pitch day, all teams present their business ideas in front of a jury and a panel of potential investors, business angels, and professionals.

Test Drive is the best Programme to get started if you have an innovative business idea!

The content of the workshops

1st Workshop - 10/10/2019

17:30 – Market analysis (Laurent Bourelly)
19:00 – Break
19: 30 – Marketing strategy (Laurent Bourelly)
20:30 – Presentation
21:30 – End of Workshops

2nd Workshop - 17/10/2019

17:30 – Lean Canva (Gemstone)
19:00 – Break
19:30 – Value Proposition (Gemstone)
21:30 – End of Workshops

3rd Workshop - 24/10/2019

17:30 – Financial Model (Compass Venture Capital)
19:00 – Break
19:30 – Milestone Plan (Gemstone)
21:30 – End of Workshops

4th workshop - 31/10/2019

17: 30 – Your Pitch deck
19:00 – Break
19:30 – Your Elevator Pitch
21:30 – End of Workshop

Pitch Day - 12/11/2019

17: 30 – Welcome all participants
17:45 – Speech
18:00 – Pitch start
19:00 – Drink and snacks
19:30 – Winners announcement
20:00 – Networking and gathering


“90% of all startups fail” this statistic wouldn’t be true if they all got a chance at a test drive program. It has been the ultimate tool to validate, build and understand the work involved in creating a successful startup.

Jason Delorie Connect me

Le test drive m’a apporté beaucoup, et je ne m’y attendait pas. Tout ce que je repoussais (plan financier etc). Merci!!!!

Nathalie Baissac DarutyFeuilles et Fleurs

The workshop was very helpful as we did not know the steps to follow when starting a business

Roumesh BeepurPlantable Paper Seeds

The Test Drive pushed me to face my weaknesses again and again. I feel like a version 2.0 of myself who’s become a little more than just a software developer. It has also opened my eyes to the incredible amount of support and good will out there. And more than anything else, I feel like a part of a very diverse, very warm family.

Khalifa LameArchiscope

Being part of the Testdrive program was a great experience. I’ve learned so much in such short time. Turbine team and others members was just awesome.

Damien Ho ShingIBamboo

We are now more confident about our product and the milestones we need to go through to penetrate the market. We would recommend the Turbine program to any Start Up who want to showcase their ideas and have professional feedback and guidance.

Adish SesmunSafeway Shield

All those workshops was so helpful. Members at turbine are so amiable and resourceful. We came from nothing to something. Turbine is definitely a place to-be for all start-ups!

Noresh Raaj BissessurPark My Car Moris

TestDrive helped me take some of the daunting yet essential steps of setting up a business, making it a fun and less lonely process to go through, while receiving precious guidance and support from the team and presenters along the way.

Davina MakhanTeas of Africa

Test Drive not only gives you the chance to learn a lot but also gives you the opportunity to meet and network with a group of people who are facing the same challenges and passion as you.

Lalesh BheechookMausales

Test Drive gave me a new motivation to continue Friend’livery.

Yohanna LaroqueFriend’livery

Turbine is really helping our country with this concept. People do not need to have an unnecessary stress or tension to start a business. The mentoring, coaching and help received are wonderful.

Ganeshan ThalayanBiodegradable Cutlery

It was a fabulous and enriching journey with turbine. I learned a lot and the most important is turbine helps us to gain confidence in what we are doing. i will recommend everyone who want to start their own business to seek advises from the team.

Moonish ChatarooIFood

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