The Turbine’s Go Africa programme is an intensive accelerator course designed to help existing start-ups devise strategies for expansion into African markets, and supports them in taking practical steps towards this goal.

Beneficiaries are typically companies that are already in operation but require support, advice and access to finance in order to go global.

How it works?

The Go Africa programme takes place over a six-month period and supports a cohort of four start-ups. The programme runs twice a year.

The programme is open to start-ups that are financially stable and are ready to expand into new markets. Start-ups should be able to demonstrate healthy growth.

The programme will take place twice a year over a six-month period from 2018 onwards.

Are you ready to move to the next step?


Entrepreneurs are admitted to the Go Africa programme:
On rare occasions, at the conclusion the Incubate programme ;
At the conclusion of the Accelerate programme ;
By applying for the scheme directly via the Turbine’s website.

Each application is subject to review by the Turbine team.

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