The Accelerate programme is designed to help entrepreneurs rapidly scale up an existing business and move them into a new phase of growth.

By providing them with a small amount of seed investment and access to our extensive mentor network, the Accelerate programme helps entrepreneurs overcome barriers that are holding their start-ups back and assists them in identifying the steps they need to take to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

At the end of the programme, participating start-ups should have a good sense of their future strategy and be in a strong position to execute it.

The programme is residential and provides entrepreneurs with hands-on, practical support in the form of free co-working and meeting space; access to sector-specific knowledge and expertise; and regular support from dedicated coaches and mentors.

The first Accelerate Program is scheduled for the end of 2019.

We help you find


A substantial seed capital fund and assistance with sourcing venture capital financing: capital needs, possible sources of capital and deal structuration.

Weekly one-on-one meetings


Entrepreneurs are paired with a business coach with whom they establish a project plan and growth targets over the course of weekly one-on-one meetings.

We provide access to


Access to advice and expertise, including on HR, legal, marketing and PR. Accelerate entrepreneurs also have access to support on budgeting, taxes, and reporting.

A space at you disposal


Provision of a beautiful co-working space with access to meeting space, a small events space, audio-visual, IT and other back-office services (printing etc.).

The right people at the right time


Networking opportunities, with Turbine staff, Accelerate programme peers, ENL staff, event and workshop attendees.

Are you ready to move to the next step?


The Accelerate programme is open to more established start-ups who have an existing product or service offering but require help to build a market penetration strategy or test a new market for instance; or who have confirmed the assumptions in their business plan and are actively seeking financing.

The Turbine receives an equity stake in each participating start-up.

Each application is subject to review by our team.

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