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You have an innovative solution towards the Tourism, the Agriculture or the
Circular Transformation industry in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean?

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Circular Transformation

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Our focus areas for the Tourism industry are:

Circular Economy & Responsible Consumption:
Focuses on sustainable tourism practices like waste minimisation, reduced carbon emission, recycling, and resource efficiency, building a sustainable ecosystem.

Enhancing the Tourist Experience:
Aims to offer unique, authentic experiences that showcase local culture and beauty, encouraging inclusion, and attracting eco-conscious practices and visitors.

Digital Transformation:
Utilises technology to refine marketing, streamline operations, and personalise the tourist experience, keeping the sector agile and competitive.

Our focus areas for the Agriculture industry are:

Circular Economy/Responsible Consumption:
Prioritizing waste reduction and the sustainable management of resources within agricultural operations.

Technology Inclusion:
Integrating advanced technologies to foster innovation, productivity, and resilience in the agriculture sector.

Market Approach:
Developing strategies to connect sustainable agricultural products with markets, emphasising value-added and sustainable practices.

Our focus areas for the Circular Transformation industry are:

Community Engagement and Education:
Fostering a culture of sustainability through community involvement and educational initiatives that highlight the importance of circular & sustainable practices.

Waste Minimisation and Resource Efficiency:
Developing strategies to reduce waste generation and promote recycling and reuse across industries

Sustainable Economic Growth:
Driving economic advancement through environmentally conscious practices.