Do you ever make it out of bed proudly, get to the keyboard and then wonder where it all went wrong?

Do you find yourself struggling to work from home? Is the TV desperately calling you? Or, are you and your team tired of spending more than you can afford, on rent, electricity bills, and the internet? Working from home undeniably gives you the freedom of working in your pajamas…

But what if we told you that at Turbine, you get the chance to work whenever you want, dress however you want, and still get to meet like-minded individuals to grow your network?

We thrive to build an environment conducive for you to get work done, without the hassles of the household! Just pop in whenever you want, no schedule required! And Hey! We’ve got lots to offer!

Check out what we’ve got for you…

Tired of Working alone at home?

We understand that you might need alone time and simply want a working space, nothing more!

Co-working at Turbine is just the best way to kick-start your project.
Don’t be alarmed! You can still have your privacy in a co-working space. We are here to support you on your journey to becoming the successful freelancer, entrepreneur or self-employed professional.

Renting office space without breaking the bank!

Are you tired of paying more than what you make every month? Is working from home an escape from this?

We’re sure you neither dreamt of flinging your money on endless invoices, nor spending it on cafes and restaurants to conduct your meetings with clients or even your own team?

Well… we might just have something for you!

You made it till here means you do care about your business! Here’s a giveaway for you…

  • Our tightly knit community of committed professionals
  • Our location - Vivea Business Park, Moka - Traffic, accessibility, and climate.
  • We are also an incubator which means coworkers get to benefit from the events and workshops we host.
  • Private meeting room for you and your clients, with a TV and internet for your presentation.
  • Two-storey spacious working floors.
  • Accessible 24/7 and secured.
  • Free and fast WIFI.

Fast, reliable internet and Wi-Fi


Desk space and an ergonomic office chair


Personal locker


Meeting rooms equipped with Audio-visual equipment.


Free networking and learning events for coworkers and incubees. Turbine can also be rented for Events.


Kitchen and lounge and common areas with free coffee, tea and water.


Onsite staff from 9-5pm from Monday to Friday. 24/7 access to building with printing, copying, scanning facilities.

What we offer:

Join the community of entrepreneurs shaping the economy of the future.
Our workspace is not just a building. It’s a thriving entrepreneurial hub. Grow your network and open a world of opportunities.
We seek to provide a collaborative community that promotes innovation in Mauritius and the extended Indian Ocean region.
We guide you into the community with our on-boarding process after which you get to enjoy a FULLY EQUIPPED WORK SPACE!

That’s right! And get ready for the best part!

We offer you 1 day FREE TRIAL in our co-working space! You have absolutely nothing to lose!

FREE trial, normally worth MUR 300 and benefit from all services and amenities with no commitment!

We guarantee the perfect environment so you can start and grow your business! Not sure you want to go for it? No worries, we are here to help!

Check our Virtual Tour and get a sneak peak of our working

Ready for the big surprise?

We have different packages to suit your requirements. Choose and book a FREE visit to the Turbine so we can best assist you!

  • DAY PASS Perfect for travelers
  • 300 Rs per day per person
  • 1 day access
  • clean desk policy, first in first serve
  • Free WIFI
  • Kitchen facility
  • Personal locker
  • WEEK PASS Perfect for travelers
  • 1,000 Rs per week per person
  • 5 days access
  • clean desk policy, first in first serve
  • Free WIFI
  • Kitchen facility
  • Personal locker
  • POP ONCE Perfect for self-employed for one-off meetings
  • 1,000 Rs per month per person
  • 1 day per week access
  • clean desk policy, first in first serve
  • Free WIFI
  • Kitchen facility
  • Personal locker
  • POP TWICE Perfect for those not looking for commitment
  • 2,000 Rs per month per person
  • 2 day per week access
  • clean desk policy, first in first serve
  • Free WIFI
  • Kitchen facility
  • Personal locker
  • FLEX DESK Perfect for entrepreneurs looking for a work space
  • 2,900 Rs per month per person
  • 24/7 access
  • clean desk policy, first in first serve
  • Free WIFI
  • Kitchen facility
  • Personal locker
  • FIXED DESK Perfect for teams
  • 3,675 Rs per month per person
  • 24/7 access
  • Leave your laptop
    on your desk
  • Free WIFI
  • Kitchen facility
  • Personal locker

Check what our co-workers have to say about us!

“Turbine has a grit for innovation and a contagious motivation that carries one forward”

Farzana MaudarbaccusFounder of Thrive Consulting

La rencontre avec la Turbine annonce le récit d’une aventure entrepreneuriale captivante.

Lebomo Florentin

Turbine has an interesting work environment with a cool and relaxed atmosphere.

Saiksha Ramasamy FutureBuzz

I believe Turbine is a good place for new new start ups due to its work environment.

Andrew Cader Solero IT Solutions Ltd

Turbine has a green and fresh environment which helps me to concentrate better in my work.

Tanvi Patel

La Turbine joue un rôle essentiel dans l’écosystème Mauricien. Son équipe toujours prête à aider, conseiller et guider les porteurs de projets en fait un endroit phare de l’innovation

Vincent PolletICT.io and Pongo.io

The creative events usually organized, the happy co-working atmosphere, the plants and the overall experience is really amazing.

Amar.S Buhorah FundKiss Technologies Ltd

Turbine has a pleasant and excellent family like working environment.

Madevi Subramanian FutureBuzz

I like the open work space as it is peaceful even though several people are working together. I’ve met people of different fields and built new connections thanks to Turbine.

Michelle Kuhn Mauritius Conscious

A unique experience with new start ups coming every month as this gives the opportunity to connect with people from different countries working in different fields.

Shawn Yong Clarity Labs

    Get in touch for a 1 day free trial.

    • FREE visit and 1 Day testing
    • Experience the Co-Working Environment
    • Get full access to high speed WIFI and amenities
    • Possibility to use all facilities such as meeting room, kitchen etc.

    We respect your privacy and promise never to rent or share your details with anybody without your consent.

    La Turbine | Vivéa Business Park | Moka, Republic of Mauritius | +230 489 2628 | hello@turbine.mu
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