After its participation in Turbine‘s pre incubation program, also known as the Test Drive, Navboy Technologies is currently incubated with us.

We had a chat with its founder Tabi who shared how Test Drive and Incubation at Turbine has helped him develop himself as well as his projects.

Tell us about yourself and what were you doing before starting your entrepreneurial journey?

I am Tabi Okorn-tabi. I have always been business minded since my high school days given that my father is a businessman. In 2016 when I came to Mauritius to complete my degree in Information Technology & Business Information Systems, I met with a couple of brilliant Mauritians who shared the same passion for business, specifically in the tech sector. That was how I co-founded my first venture in Mauritius called AVR Plato Technology Limited.

What is Navboy Technology about?

Navboy Technologies Limited is a tech start up I founded with my co founder Laure Pather in 2019. We are mainly focused on implementing innovative vision and AI-centered technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Computer Vision etc into usable software applications. Our flagship product is ‘ShopPaddi’. It is a mobile e-commerce application equipped with image recognition and artificial intelligence technologies. The ‘ShopPaddi’ mobile application offers the ability to walk into their supermarket of choice, scan products they were to buy (without touching) and these products are added to their virtual carts. Users can also buy products from a product catalog by using the classic e-commerce feature on the mobile app.

How was your experience of participating in Test Drive?

The Test Drive with Turbine was an eye opener to the real and relevant requirements for an entrepreneurial journey. From the material & deliverables to the trainings, it ignites the business instincts of aspiring entrepreneurs and gives them an overview of what to expect and how to react in the future.

How has your incubation with Turbine helped you till now?

Incubating Navboy Technologies Limited with Turbine has been one of the best decisions we made in recent. We have been exposed to world class coaches, materials and opportunities. The community of entrepreneurs under Turbine’s umbrella allows us to share ideas and bond with some of the brightest and hardworking minds on the island. We have incubated AVR Plato Technology Limited with Turbine and when the idea of Navboy Technologies was brooding, Turbine was the best choice I and my co founder could think of.

Would you recommend Turbine to someone with a business idea?

I would definitely recommend Turbine to anyone with an innovative idea that needs the right environment and conditions to grow. From the management staff to the coaches and other startups, everyone is committed to helping you grow and that is a big deal!



Test Drive 4 Pitch Night

After a series of online workshops, Turbine Test Drive 4 Pitch Night was organized on 26 June 2020.

7 projects were allotted with 3 minutes each to pitch their projects in front of our judges panel which comprised of Olivier Ma, Dominic Provencal, Zulaika Sunthbocus and Isabelle de Melo.

For this edition, Turbine had 3 different sponsors PwC, Spoon Consulting and MCB who offered Rs 75,000 each to the most innovative, promising and impactful business ideas.

Kare Ver- Most Impactful Business Idea

Brando Quirin won the price of the most Impactful Business Idea sponsored by MCB for his start up Kare Ver.

Following Covid-19, Brando developed a kit which allows people to plant their own vegetables. Made by recycled materials, Kare Ver has its own irrigation system integrated in the kit and is fully protected from insects. The aim is to make people experience the fun of growing their own vegetables at home to simplify their lives.

Metennkoste- Most Promising Business Idea

Hishaam Ibrahim and Marie Lasplaces won the prize of the most Promising Business Idea sponsored by PwC.

Metennkoste is a platform which allows to collect and spend money for a common expense or event. Its services will benefit a wide number of people, from a group of friends pooling money together to afford the perfect gift to a group of students raising money for their annual study trip.

It makes collecting and managing money from a large number of people hassle free and acts as an intermediary between businesses and their potential clients.

Flit Ride- The most Innovative Business Idea

Tolotra Samuel won the prize of the most Innovative Business Idea sponsored by Spoon Consulting.

Flit Ride aims to bring together existing taxi drivers and their clients through its mobile app. It allows taxi drivers to bid their different fares and clients choose the ones which suit them best. Flit Ride also gives the option of carpooling to riders.

The interesting part about Flit Ride is that payment mode will not be limited to cash or credit cards only. It will adopt the different payments that exist such as Juice and MyT money which are now common in Mauritius and will also introduce Flit Tokens.

Test Drive: Pre Incubation at Turbine

Turbine has pre incubated more than 90 aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their idea till date. 20 starts ups have been incubated with us and we currently have 8 start-ups under the Incubation Program. We look forward to incubate new projects after every Test Drive Programs.

Stay connected with us to know when the next applications will be open.