FundKiss is one among the first start-ups that has been incubated by Turbine.

After months of research, preparation and hard work, Paul Perrier, Ludovic Rajibe and Alexandre Béchard, the co-founders of Fundkiss, are now ready! They launched Fundkiss in the Mauritian market last month, making it available for all SMEs seeking financial help and investors willing to help local entrepreneurs.

Below is their exclusive interview with Turbine.

What are the main reasons for founding FundKiss?

While observing the financial ecosystem in Mauritius, we, the cofounders of FundKiss, identified the need of a more streamlined approach to raising capital for small and medium enterprises(SMEs). Leveraging on our collective experience in finance which was acquired both locally and internationally, we joined forces to launch FundKiss. FundKiss operates the island’s first licensed crowdlending platform that allows anyone to lend money directly to an SME. This innovative solution is known as crowdlending.

FundKiss leverages on the power of its community (the crowd of lenders) to support SMEs with an alternative fast financing solution. Also, lenders can invest in local companies, thereby enjoying solid returns while supporting the local real economy. FundKiss empowers people who want to make an impact locally and support Mauritian SMEs.

Who can use this platform and its services?

Our platform plays a dual role, both for borrowers and for lenders.
As borrowers, SMEs and entrepreneurs are able to present their creative ideas to scale up their business to FundKiss and have the opportunity to feature it on the platform to raise funds and achieve their goals.

As lenders, corporations and individuals have the unique opportunity to invest in great SMEs’ projects and achieve solid returns.

For example, since we launched FundKiss, we have received numerous requests from a variety of small and medium businesses in Mauritius. All eager to find an alternative solution to finance their projects.

Potential lenders and borrowers are welcome to:
 register on the platform at
 send us an email on
 comment on our Facebook page

Why launching FundKiss now? Why is it the right time to launch this platform?

The business ecosystem of our country is changing rapidly and so are the needs of Mauritian businesses. We believe that FundKiss comes at the right time by offering an innovative financial solution to our business community that is not only in line with international trends but also with the mentality of our entrepreneurs.

Why the name FundKiss?

The name “Fundkiss” is made up of the word ”Fund” and the acronym “Kiss”.

The company provides a platform where SMEs can raise funds to finance their projects and lenders can invest their funds in interesting projects. Like our platform, the word “fund” connects the borrowers to the lenders

As we pledge to ensure transparency, rapidity and simplicity, we incorporate our promise directly into our company name and use the acronym “Kiss” for Keep It Smart & Simple,

This is how the word ‘FundKiss’ came to life.


Starting up Mauritius Conscious has been one of the most exciting, challenging and fulfilling journeys I’ve taken in my life. Waking up at 6:00 am without an alarm clock and feeling ready to start working (also during weekends), is quite a change for me, who used to drag myself out of bed begging for 5 more minutes in my past jobs. I relate this feeling to when I was younger and wanted to wake up early to continue playing my new games; doing what you love leaves you almost tireless – take it from an entrepreneur after 2 years down the road.

The excitement of the first achievements and the continuous “1% wins” fill me with pride and satisfaction; especially when I realize that we started from zero and now, Mauritius Conscious exists. It is a real company, with a real team, real customers and real testimonials of satisfaction.




Within our KPI’s, these are some milestones we are pretty proud of:

  • Mauritius Conscious counts with a network of 30 local partners including small-scale accommodations, ecotourism guides, community-based tours, eco-dive programs and the first agritourism project in Mauritius. With them, we can provide more than 40 authentic and conscious activities to travelers.
  • We’ve partnered with My Green Trip to provide cleaning kits to Mauritius Conscious travelers booking excursions in nature. Our mission is to help clean up our natural spaces, one traveler at the time.
  • 3 international Travel Agencies, in South Africa, Switzerland & the USA, are ready to distribute our products in their countries of residence.
  • The National Geographic Traveller visited us and wrote an article recommending Mauritius Conscious as the Tour Operator to discover Mauritius differently, adventurously & respectfully.
  • This year, our team welcomed the first two members to run ground operations in Sales and Marketing and Sustainable Community Management





What it is to be an entrepreneur at Turbine?

 The cliché says that the best part of running your own business is to be your own boss and get to work whenever you want. Truth is, being a boss that delivers with limited resources means working nearly the whole day. My team and I decided to join Turbine because we are first-timers at setting up all components of a business and we could definitely use some guidance on that. Turbine’s coaching is helpful especially because we get an outsider’s (experienced!) point of view into our ups and downs, which helps us take decisions with a clearer and cooler mind.

Being your own boss also requires a lot of discipline, and I’ve found quite an effective routine by working from Turbine. I like the formal options it gives me to host meetings, as well as the relaxed, friendly ambience you breathe on a daily basis. Another asset is the interaction and opportunities found with other entrepreneurs. It’s amazing the amount of help, enlightenment and motivation you can get from fellow co-workers who specialize in different industries.


The endeavors of Mauritius Conscious 

In the following months, Mauritius Conscious undertakes to achieve:

  • Trips that are a 100% carbon neutral (!)
  • A team with 4 full-time, talented employees apart from the Founding Directors (Sales, Marketing & Web Master)
  • Add 6 more international distributors in our target markets
  • V.2 of our website – beautiful and intuitive.

We’re glad to count with the support of Turbine and its network of experts to make this milestones a success!




Dates: 20, 22, 24, 29 of November and 4, 6, 8 of December 2017
Place: Turbine Co-Working – Vivea Business Park – Moka
Application deadline: 5th November 2017

How to apply? Fill in the application form here

Turbine Inspire Program is a hands-on training program for teams with early-stage start-ups that want to get support to sharpen their business models and start scaling their businesses.

Your business idea should be aimed at an international market and be scalable. The program is based on Business Model Canvas, a strategic template for the development of business models. It is a popular tool used by entrepreneurs across the world.

About the program

In the Turbine Inspire program, theory is mixed with practice where experienced entrepreneurs and experts inspire and help you stake out a path forward. The program consists of 6 workshops that run in the evenings. Between meetings, tasks are given with some individual coaching from Sting’s experienced coaches. In the final workshop, all teams present their startups/projects in front of investors. It is the best way to get started if you have an innovative business idea! More details on the program here.

Who can apply? 

We welcome people/teams with business ideas in all industries. The program is aimed at individuals with an innovative business idea/startup with the potential for growth. Scalability is also an important element and you should have a desire to start a business around the idea. We like to see teams with two to three people and a gender mix. 10-15 projects are accepted to each round.


The Turbine Inspire program is free. You contribute with your own time, commitment and passion.


At the first course session, all participants and organizers sign a confidentiality agreement. No information on the business concepts, technologies or names of participants may be spread outside the program without the consent of the participant in question.



Overview and aims

The Turbine’s Inspire programme is a business readiness course that is offered three times a year over the course of seven weeks.

Inspire encourages and helps participants to start their own businesses.

It is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs with promising ideas that have not yet been developed in depth, and for which a strong business case has not yet been made.

Inspire helps participants prepare and present a business model; assess the viability of their business concept; and make an informed decision about whether to start building a company or not.

In practical terms, the course helps entrepreneurs:

  • refine or create a business plan;
  • assess potential areas of difficulty in their projects; and
  • learn to present their project in a way that stands up to potential investors’ scrutiny.

How it works

The course takes place over seven worshops. 15 aspiring entrepreneurs take part in each edition.

Weekly workshops

The course consists of seven weekly workshops lasting four hours each and covering the elements of a persuasive business model.

Each workshop includes tutorials, talks by successful entrepreneurs, group work, and time allocated for individual work on each participant’s business idea.

Individual coaching

Each entrepreneur will also be assigned an individual business coach from the Turbine team. They will work with their coach to establish an individual development plan at the outset of the Inspire programme. Their progress will be tracked against their development objectives until the course’s conclusion.

A few weeks after the course has ended, each participant will review their goals, assess their achievements and discuss next steps with their coach.

Investor pitch

After the final Inspire workshop, candidates will be invited to pitch their business idea to a panel of investors who will provide feedback on their presentation.

They will also have an opportunity to pitch to members of the Turbine team. A successful pitch will allow them to enrol in the Incubate programme, if this is of interest to them.

How to apply

The Inspire programme is free of charge for participants.

It is offered three times a year over the course of one month.

Participants can apply for the scheme directly via the Turbine’s website. Each application is subject to review by the Turbine’s team.