Our 2nd workshop took place with a bang!

Laurent Bourelly, the Head of Marketing of the ENL Group with 20 years of experience in the African countries, animated a workshop for our six incubated start-ups on “Know your customer deeply”.


The start-ups got the opportunity to  understand the importance of segmenting and choosing the best suited customers. Many examples were given to highlight the power of branding and brand loyalty.

They were exclusively given precised facts and figures on the Mauritian market from recent studies made by the ENL group.


Few feedback from the Incubates:

Shameer from AVR Plato ~ ” This workshop has given me a better direction towards which I need to focus my attention in knowing my  customer”

JIbran from Navigro Pro ~ ” Segmenting implies efficient targeting!”

Dodi from Fancy dreams ~ “How to approaching potential customers and get their insights on our products are more clear now with use of the killer questions”

Turbine has been honored to host an exclusive conference for Google Africa, gathering 60 African ICT influential leaders and governmental policy makers, on Friday the 9th March 2018.

The conference was an opportunity to showcase Mauritius as an emerging entrepreneurial hub. Fabrice Boullé, director of Turbine, and 3 Mauritian start-ups, shared their local experiences.

Fundkiss, a new start-up promoting a crowd-lending digital platform for entrepreneurs, testified how an innovative business can be launched despite the fact that the law does not cater for it. Paul Perrier, one of the co-founders, explained how Fundkiss was able to get the Sandbox licence from the Board of Investment in order to start its operation.

MySphere, who just launched a breakthrough instant networking app, uses Google Firebase platform to develop its high-quality Android app. Pierre Yves Maria and Samuel Mamet, the co-founders of MySphere, shared their interesting experience of working from Mauritius with Android app developers across the world while targeting international markets. They are the embodiment of the fact that Mauritius is indeed an attractive place to run a business with strong willed entrepreneurs, excellent marketing resources and political stability.

Ict.io, is a online media start-up promoting tech events and start-ups from the Indian Ocean. Vincent Pollet, the co-founder of Ict.io, and his team have played an impactful role in the development of the technopreneurial ecosystem in Mauritius since a few years now. According to Vincent, the ecosystem is now growing faster in Mauritius, specially due to initiatives of IT passionate and innovative entrepreneurs who are joining forces and collaborating to support each other and build up a stronger community.

Doron Avni and Michael M. Murungi, respectively Director of Public Policy and Gov’t Relations- EMEA Emerging, and Markets Policy & Government Relations Manager represented Google with four others. The Google conference has been successful in reinforcing strategic links between Mauritius and the African continent. Policy makers were inspired by the conference on how they could support and play a role in innovation in Africa.

Turbine proudly presented its 5 new incubated start-ups to the press on Tuesday the 27th February 2018.

It was an occasion for the start-ups to greet and meet with Dr. Vickram Bissonauth from the Mauritius Research Council and the press to explain their respective projects and the impact they want to create.

Turbine also presented the Inspire Program participation certificate to the start-ups who took part of the program in November and December 2017.

Working diligently in its mission to promote entrepreneurship in Mauritius by holding tailor made workshops based on the start-ups needs and partnering with the government and other bodies in the industry, Turbine wish to be the catalyst incubator who strengthen the bond  and ease the communication between entrepreneurs and their potential key partners. The second edition of Inspire was the first step to consolidate this approach.

 See our Inspire video to learn and share the Inspire experience.

Turbine first workshop on the “Techniques of Negotiation” took place on last Monday the 5th February 2018 from 2 pm to 6pm.

The workshop consisted of many concrete examples and role plays to understand the Do’s and Don’ts when preparing for the negotiations and meet ups with client and suppliers, when conducting the negotiations, how to deal with objections or hesitating clients and finally conclude the deal.

Nathalie Sanchez who animated this workshop put a lot of emphasis on the importance of CAP; Characteristics of the company and its products or services, Advantage in using the company products or services and Proof of quality via testimonial of existing clients, and how each plays an essential role in the negotiation phase.

It is not easy to be with a potential client and sell the company’s services or products, and the best way to ensure that you have the deal is to listen actively to the client needs and motivations to buy, understand the client’s reasons to object, observe the body language to know what is going on in the mind of the person.

When concluding a deal, we are to make sure that the terms and conditions are clear and fair to both parties, and always over-deliver to ensure client satisfaction and retention.

Hope this brief summary of a 4 hour intense workshop helps you for the future negotiations you undertake.


More information:

Turbine is launching new initiatives in this new year of 2018. One of which is the intensive 3h workshop of Techniques of Negotiations by Nathalie Sanchez.

Nathalie is a Senior Executive Manager with more than 20 years’ experience leading Sales and Marketing departments in International Companies.
Being in Mauritius for 7 years she worked for Microsoft Indian Ocean Island (Mauritius) TOSHIBA Systems France, SIEMENS Group, as Sales Director.

Her professional expertise in Sales and Marketing Management as well as People Management, and now as Consultant and MQA approved Trainer, are key components in her competencies to set up Company’s foot- print in the Mauritian Eco System.

Driving team to business success and leverage people to the right competencies for Companies’ development are her key objectives and are reflected in Alinae Consulting’s Services, fully adapted to Mauritian’s culture and ideology.

More info about the workshop:

Venue: Turbine Incubator Ltd
Vivéa Business Park

Date 25th January 2018
Time: 14h – 17h

Price: Rs 800 for public
Rs 500 for co-workers

Kindly register here: https://goo.gl/RsrP8Y

SMEs are one of the economic pillars of Mauritius and yet their failure rate is high in their initial years. Causes of such anomalies are mainly lack of experience of the entrepreneur and the insufficient support mechanisms for start-up companies. In order to help start ups, Government of Mauritius put in place the creation of the National SME Incubator Scheme (NSIS) which shall conduce to the setting up of a strong and sustainable entrepreneurial culture in Mauritius.

Turbine, along with five other incubators have been accredited as Private Sector Business Incubators in collaboration of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED),  for a public-private partnership called StartMeUp.

Startups having innovative business ideas are invited to send their applications to benefit from this scheme.

You access the application form here
For instructions please click here
For guidelines click here


What could happen if we give super powers to our customers? Nowadays collaboration is more than ever used to develop businesses. From a marketing perspective, how could we involve, stimulate our consumers/customers and request their help?

Arnaud Segura is the founder of M&Co Strategic Marketing Agency. In this free 1 hour talk, Arnaud will review traditional marketing concepts and explain the shift to collaborative marketing with concrete examples.

This conference is designed for entrepreneurs, marketing managers, start-uppers… and anyone curious about how to market products or services in a creative and effective manner.

The conference will start at 4pm this Friday, the 27th of October. At 5pm, there will be a 10 minutes questions session.

This event is free. To register click HERE.

Venue: Turbine, Vivea Business Park, Moka.

Want to show off your coding skills? This intensive 24-hour non-stop code competition will allow you to join your developer friends and try gain a maximum of points.

For more details about the event click here.

Turbine and Expat.com invite you to come and share your entrepreneurial adventure in Mauritius Thursday, September 21st  from 6pm to 9pm.

This event is reserved for Mauritian and expatriate entrepreneurs and will be an opportunity for you to broaden your network and to discuss with other entrepreneurs in an informal and convivial framework. Turbine will also present a panorama of entrepreneurship in Mauritius during this evening.

Drinks and snacks will be offered throughout the evening.

Useful information  

Location: Turbine Incubator Ltd, Vivéa Business Park, St Pierre, Moka.  

Event charges  

– 400 MUR (online payment)  

– 500 MUR (payment on the spot)

Register here !

The event brings together women who combines technology and entrepreneurship.

The 5 days event taking place will give you the opportunity to train and discuss with thousands of women around the globe both physically and virtually on issues such as Technology, Entrepreneurship, Work-life balance, and Leadership annually.

The week-long event (19-23 September 2017), will simultaneously take place in countries such as Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Botswana, Cape Verde, China, Germany, United States of America, Canada, Belgium, UK supporting the growth of women in technology and the African growth using technology.

Here is the agenda of the event:

Leadership Day – (0930-1200) 19th September, Medine Education Village
Mobile & Digital Commerce Day – (0930-1200)20th September, Ceridian, Cybercity Ebene
Teach A Skill Day – (0930-1200) 21st September, ALU, Beau Plan Business Park, Pamplemousses
Entrepreneur Day – (0930-1200) 22nd September, ALU, Beau Plan Business Park, Pamplemousses
Award Day – (1830-2030) 23rd September, Turbine
To register, sign up here: https: https://goo.gl/Nuf5fV


Atelier Makers is a workshop that took place the 5th August 2017 at the Turbine. It introduced the module ESP 8266 where a demo on how to connect the ESP8266 with a sensor and an actuator as well as how to remotely access and get the reading from the sensor and control the actuator. There were also realization of prototypes on breadboard: acquisition of temperature, humidity or other and transmission of the data on a smartphone by Wi-Fi.


– Introduction of the ESP8266 module
– Installation and set up of Arduino IDE for ESP8266
– Explanation of test code that peruses temperature and moistness from a DHT sensor and showcases them in a program interface
– Demonstration of how to interface the ESP8266 on a breadboard with cables, a sensor and an actuator
– Demonstration of the remote access that is made possible using the ESP8266: interactive session where attendees could interact with the hardware by connecting to it through Wi-Fi and using a browser interface to read the temperature and the humidity from the sensor and to turn on and off a LED bulb on the breadboard.

Organized by Mauritius Maker Community