Every year, thousands of start-ups are born and you might be one of them. While you may have found the right way to develop your business, you still have to work on gathering an audience.

Good communication is the key to promoting your start-up, but this year calls for new ways to attract attention. Strategies such as web advertising, telephone marketing and the creation of a website are simply not enough anymore.

Following the shift in trends, new marketing strategies have been developed. Here are some of them:


Develop a content marketing strategy

Content marketing is one of the first solutions you can turn to. Apart from being extremely affordable, its benefits are also more effective.

You can create any kind of content to attract the attention of your audience. From blog articles to infographics, including videos, podcasts, guides and white papers… you have a wide choice! Having various types of content will increase the chances of them being shared on social networks and going viral.

You can go even further by transforming one type of content into another. For instance, a video can be created from various blog posts. This will allow you to capture the attention of a larger audience around the same topic.

However, any content marketing strategy that you decide to implement should go through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Being careful about SEO will be essential to boost your visibility on search engines. To ensure that your content is optimised, you should firstly try to learn more about SEO on the internet. You can also turn to SEO professionals.

After creating your content and optimising it for search engines, you will have to promote it. You can do so via your site, in newsletters or on social networks.

A content marketing strategy should allow you:

  • To make your mark within your industry
  • To be credible in the eyes of netizens
  • To educate your audience about your products or services
  • To Improve your SEO and bring traffic to your site

Some tips

Make sure you know your target before you start creating content. Afterwards, you should regularly measure the performance of your strategy so as to improve it.

Creating webinars

Videos are currently a very popular format. They can be used to create an enormous variety of content: interviews, testimonials, presentations for your company, and many more. So why not webinars?

You can easily introduce your company to the world via Facebook Live or on YouTube. Videos also allow you to promote your product(s) or service(s) by stating its/their characteristics and benefits.

Some tips

Promote your webinar a few days or even a few weeks before actually posting for more viewership.

As for the presentation, it’s always a good idea to favour an enthusiastic tone. Netizens usually pay more attention to dynamic presentations.


Partnerships with influencers

Influence marketing is ‘the’ strategy which works for adverting.

While it may not be as strongly present on the Mauritian advertising scene as it is abroad, influence marketing is a very promising strategy. For this strategy to be effective, choose web stars who communicate to a target audience similar to yours. This will allow them to effectively promote your products to a wider audience.


As seen above, 2019 is not the year for widely spread marketing systems that are slow-rising. Instead, it calls for innovation and favours those who are strategically creative. So do not hesitate to try new ways to promote your start-up; it will need the boost.


Turbine is happy to see women taking the lead in businesses. We have with us Valerie Imbert, a woman entrepreneur who proves that entrepreneurship is genderless. Valerie is an ROI marketing strategies expert with the skills of deriving and fully implement budgeted marketing and communication action plans. She is also the managing director of Europestone Management, a company offering creative brand strategy, targeted public relation and marketing structure.

Valerie shares with Turbine her experiences as an entrepreneur, a woman and a mother.

A woman entrepreneur’s journey

Hello Valerie. 

  1.  Tell us why you have chosen to become an entrepreneur.

I am a person who is very project-base. I like to do things differently, be challenged and meet new individuals. I chose to be an entrepreneur 2 years ago because the previous business model of being a manager or director in an organisation was no more convenient to me. I have 3 years cycle in different companies and then i was always bored by my job. I decided to change business model – big jump for someone like me who was quite afraid of various insecurities and who was a very corporate person. To be honest, I am very happy of this move!!!

  1. Describe one day of your entrepreneurial life. 

My morning routine is as follows; I wake up at 6 am, drop my son to school at 8 am, go to the gym up to 9 am. At 9:30 – 10 am, I start working. I have a lot of meetings with clients, spend a lot of time on the phone negotiating and juggling between clients of completely different fields, and/or do marketing/administrative work on my laptop. I usually either have a rapid lunch or a business networking lunch. I finish working around 4:30-5pm so as to be home for my 8 years old son homework. 6 pm is the start of play time with my 2 years old daughter up to 8 pm when both of them go to bed. Sometimes, I need to work 2 or 3h more after dinner but most of the time, i spend my evening with my husband, chilling out.  

  1. Is it convenient to be both an entrepreneur and a mother? 

200% convenient. All mothers should be entrepreneur ! lol. Even if you need to have this state of mind but being an entrepreneur allows me to have flexible time and when you are a mother, you need to be able to master your time. Being an entrepreneur allows me to go and fetch my son after school and have an ice cream with him or a half day fun, and then work after dinner to catch up. I can handle all the tasks of the house, do the shopping, have personal time for my sport or wellness. i would never be able to do all this if I was an executive working 7 am-8 pm. I feel that every single hour of my day is optimized and I can fully benefit from both my work and family.  

  1. Will you encourage other women to start their business? 

A big YES for all the above reasons. and also because i think that women are very organised and skilled to be entrepreneurs. Many women lack confidence in themselves unfortunately. Mauritius is still a very ‘macho’ society where we need to stuggle. I now have the choice to work with whom i want: that’s a real freedom.     

  1. What does Turbine’s co-working bring to you and your business?

Turbine has been very interesting for me. At first I was working from home and this was not so convenient with the kids. Turbine has allowed me to really separate my private life from the professional one. When i host my clients at Turbine, it is more serious and convenient than at home.

The nature of my activities allows me to be able to work in an open space – we don’t need archives, we do not have confidential documents, everything is dematerialized. Having a staff also, i wanted her to have a social life and colleagues in a good atmosphere. I chose Turbine also initially because it was 2-5 mins from my home – school – gym and supermarket. This village-lifestyle created by ENL is fabulous in moka.  

Also, Turbine co-working has allowed me to have 2 new clients!

  1. How did you and your employees feel working from Turbine?

Turbine has a very nice atmosphere. We are leaving because my family is moving to the north of the island but I do not think that I will find a better place – which is also very good value of money. I would highly recommend Turbine, i currently recommend and will continue to do so. 

Thank you Valerie! We wish you all the very best in your endeavors and keep inspiring others in your journey!

Turbine has the pleasure to receive 20 years old Matina Razafimahefa, CEO and founder of award winning best social enterprise of Madagascar, SAYNA. The competition was organized by “l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie” in March 2018 and a Madagascar incubator, Incubons.

Matina is spending one week at Turbine as part of her prize, the aim being for her to know better the entrepreneurial ecosystem, meet key people and make partnerships.

We bring you her exclusive interview with Turbine!

1. Hey Matina, tell us about you and what best describes you.

I am a young Malagasy woman, student in sciences politics at Sorbonne and a social entrepreneur! If I have to choose 3 words to describe me, I would say : fearless, crazy and adventurous ! I love having new challenges, being out of my comfort zone and I am not afraid of the unknown.  I am passionate about meeting new people and knowing their story so that i can help them or learn from them.

2. Tell us about your start-up, SAYNA.

SAYNA means intelligence. I launched SAYNA in November 2017. However, SAYNA has been on my mind since 2013  when I discovered the educational system of France, which compared to Madagascar, is free and of great quality. Back then, I thought that being a woman and that too so young, I cannot do this project. I changed my mind last year when i met Emma Rosman who built the Welcome app which helps immigrants to find jobs, friends and family in Sweden, who also happens to be young and a woman. Inspired, I decided to go for my dreams and launch SAYNA. I am so happy I did. Sometimes, just a single step and a little encouragement lead you to dare and break barriers.

SAYNA help young people rise out of poverty by training them to be a web developer. We have 12 students finishing their 4 months intense training this week. They will each be joining a company, notably Acces Bank, La Star, Axian, P4H among others.  We have 12 more trainees joining us as from Monday 18th June, pre-selected by the companies who will be recruiting them. The company pays for their training,  which is 800 Euro per student, the most affordable code training in Madagascar.
SAYNA has educational partners such as the Hacking Project and hopefully very soon Simplon, who train the students at our premises in Madagascar.

SAYNA exists because I want be part of that generation that will make this world a better place and provide better quality education.

3. Tell us about the competition you won.

I am here in Mauritius and  at Turbine because SAYNA won the competition of the best social company of Madagascar 2018 awarded by the « International organization of Francophonie» and « Incubons » a local incubator in Madagascar. Out of 30 projects, only 10 reached the final destination; the pitch. SAYNA came out as a star project. Check out the sneak peak of the award night here.

4. What brings you to Mauritius?

The prize was a business trip in Mauritius with Turbine so that I will be able to meet new clients, build new partnership and help create a good atmosphere of collaboration in our beautiful region, the Indian Ocean!

The things that I want to achieve here is simple : have new clients and partners  & give the opportunity to the Mauritian firms to have a huge social impact beyond their borders by working with our students !

How is your journey in Mauritius so far?

It is totally crazy. I am meeting interesting people, potential big clients and partners. Turbine is really an incubator with a vast network. They planned all my visits, gave me contacts, invited me to their events and even gave me a Mauritian welcome lunch!

Turbine is really such a beautiful place, the atmosphere is so fun yet productive. People here are so helpful, constructive and amazing.  One week here is too little. I am coming back for sure!

What is your vision of SAYNA?

I want to see SAYNA grow and have 10,000 digital workers all around the world in the next 6 years.

A tip?

Yes! Imagine what you would do if you get an unlimited credit card? And when you know what you would do, set your goals, plan, find the ways to achieve your goals and just go for it!

Diane Maigrot, a serial entrepreneur in Mauritius, has launched many businesses starting right after her BTS Graduation.

Diane joined Turbine as a start-up coach since May 2017 and worked exclusively with our first two start-ups Mauritius Conscious and DodoWorkPlay. Diane now work full-time at Turbine and coaches many start-ups in various fields. She shares with us her  entrepreneurial journey and experience of being a coach for start-ups.

Diane, tell us about your entrepreneurial journey?

I started my first company at the age of 22. Young and motivated, I took up the challenge and started from scratch, experiencing the ups and downs, the do’s and don’ts, the must and must not that make up an entrepreneur’s journey. Today,  I can proudly say that I know all the steps that an entrepreneur has to go through in order to successfully launch his or her business. I ran Tibo & Zia for 16 years, a company that I nurtured as a baby. It has really been one of the best experiences of my life. I rebounded from kids clothing to car washing by creating Ecowash in December 2015. Changing and starting again from scratch was a huge challenge; learn a new industry with all its specificity was hectic. What kept me going forward was my contribution to the local economy by creating jobs and providing a green solution.

Based on your experience, what is the most common issue that start-ups face?

The most pertinent issue I identify in startups is “money”, may it be a shortage or a mismanagement. We (I mean myself and other entrepreneurs) often struggle to find investment and people who believe in our entrepreneurial capabilities. And we often underestimate financial needs for the starting phase and the low income period.

Why choose to work at Turbine? 

When I saw Turbine job advert in the newspaper on a Sunday, I knew it was not a coincidence. Sometimes you just need to acknowledge that things happen for a reason. I drafted my CV for the 1st time at the age of 38, the rest is history.

Working at Turbine gives me the chance to collaborate in the creation of an ecosystem which helps, supports and empowers entrepreneurs. I want to give what I did not receive in my entrepreneurial journey; we often feel lonely and we stress about taking all the decisions alone without having access to crucial information. Having someone to share and discuss with is essential to keep being boosted and carry on our mission with full confidence.

How is Turbine best suited to help start-ups?

If you are a start-up, Turbine is the place to be: we are here to support your business, celebrate your progress, advise you on different options, discuss with you on the pros and cons, help you prioritize your work and keep in mind your objectives.

What I like the most about Turbine support is that entrepreneurs remain in the driving seat: they still experience what it is to be an entrepreneur and keep the control of their respective start-up. We, at Turbine really just act as a vigilant, seating next to the entrepreneurs, looking out for and analyzing with them the potential dangers and foreseeing possible opportunities. By the way, Turbine start-ups really appreciate this decision making freedom too!

What would be the benefits of being a Turbine incubated start-up?

Being a Turbine incubated start-up is really an advantage: if you have an innovative idea, you can start for free in a very dynamic co-working space full of  people in diverse fields. Hence, you enrich your network. You would soon realize you are not the only one facing entrepreneurial challenges; it will give you courage and eventually boost you to work harder. Turbine helps entrepreneurs in forging an unbreakable spirit to keep going and be productive.

Apart from an inspiring place to work, incubated start-ups have a dedicated business coach each who follows business progress, helps in identifying the best options, gives proven tools and many more. Turbine incubated start-ups get free access to tailor-made entrepreneurial workshops done by top experts of Mauritius. I have seen many start-uppers increasing their knowledge on essential start-up topics. Moreover, Turbine helps innovative businesses to test their market and product within Turbine and ENL vast network which is very valuable to get genuine feedback. And this may further lead to business opportunities.

What would be the advice and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

If I had tips to give, it would be: Start! Don’t be afraid. It is a life experience, with ups and downs but for people having entrepreneurial mindset, it is essential as it makes us feel alive. Another advise would be, and here quoting the man I look up to: You never fail, you either win or you learn ~ Nelson Mandela.


DodoWorkPlay is one of Turbine’s first incubated start-up. We both started our respective journey in developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem nearly together. We are happy to see how they have grown in the past year. Below we bring you an exclusive interview of Joe and Coralie, the founders of DodoWorkPlay.

Tell us about DodoWorkPlay?

DodoWorkPlay is a training company that delivers growth-oriented learning experiences to develop soft skills and entrepreneurial behavior.

Before moving to Mauritius we both worked as business consultants in London in the IT transformation and TV advertising industries respectively.

That’s when we realized that the world of work was undergoing exciting changes, like the shift from top-down execution-focused organisations towards more flexible, agile and entrepreneurial organisations. With the rise of automation and technology, people are adopting a more creative role and given the agency to identify, develop and contribute their talents where these are most needed. We wanted to be part of that change here in Mauritius where Coralie’s family is from.

Why choose to launch this start-up?

There is a real and urgent need for companies to empower their people to go beyond competence and compliance in areas like customer service. Why? As the global market becomes more demanding, delivering exceptional experiences is crucial. Most importantly, millennials are coming into organisations with a new mindset and approach to work – they want to have impact, they want to be valued and they want freedom and resources to grow. Companies who have understood this benefit from unleashed potential in the long term, and can better retain their talents.

Our objective is to help companies’ develop the soft-skills and entrepreneurial skills they need to thrive. By entrepreneurial in this context we mean:

  • The ability to identify problems and propose effective solutions
  • Awareness of the big picture, for example the market landscape in which they are operating
  • Understanding where they fit into the business model and vision of the organisation.

In this way, we help employees reach their highest potential through a growth mindset.

How it started?

DodoWorkPlay started out quite differently. We had wanted to promote entrepreneurship in Mauritius by creating a hub that would attract entrepreneurs and location-independent intrapreneurs from all over the world. Whilst engaging with and promoting the local entrepreneurial community we realized there is a strong appetite for entrepreneurial and soft-skills training, from both employees and employers alike. We tested the market out with interactive, practical workshops and from participants’ feedback we discovered that our format—based on deep collaboration, games and practical activities—was not only having impact but it could be adapted to a broader picture of entrepreneurial skills, and in particular those sought after by companies here.

Why the name DodoWorkPlay?

DodoWorkPlay is the combination of three elements: the dodo symbol of Mauritius, which we chose with the aim to export our services, and work and play which is what we do during our training sessions.

Tell us about your achievements so far.

One of our biggest achievements to date is to have gained the trust of our clients and been able to truly collaborate with them to tackle their needs—we love what we do because we have the good fortune to work with employers and managers who have a strong vision and who care deeply about their teams’ happiness and growth.

Our biggest gratification comes from the small moments during training sessions when we see a change in action. For example someone who suddenly realizes how much value they are bringing or are capable of bringing to others. Perhaps someone is motivated to break silos to improve the organisations’ service levels, or the director conveys their pride of having—and being part of—a team in all the meanings of the word. That’s what motivates us every day.

What are your biggest challenges?

Our biggest challenge is that we’re new in the market. This means we have to make extra effort to prove ourselves and that every obstacle and challenge we face is new to us. For example, to begin with we were focused so intently on understanding directors’ needs that we didn’t realize the extent to which these might be misaligned with those of their employees. As we build our experience we become better equipped to adapt and fully manage participants’ expectations whilst continuing to achieve directors’ goals.

What are your upcoming goals and milestones?

We’re currently focused on growth, aiming to deliver more training whilst maintaining the quality and creativity that our customers have come to expect. We also want to focus on developing long-term working relationships with our customers by helping them to develop ongoing training. Mindset and behavioral shifts take time to obtain and require continuous attention. Mostly they must be embedded within the company’s culture—that’s what we’re working on right now.

Companies don’t operate in a vacuum and we’re committed to advancing the entrepreneurial behaviour of not only our customers but also of the wider community. To this end, we’re building a network of growth-minded entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, for example with our monthly Entrepreneurs’ Brunch—a casual and interactive networking event where current and future entrepreneurs are invited to learn from each other, hear from and engage with a guest speaker and share a meal together. You can find out the next events on our Facebook page or our website.

Tell us about your experience with Turbine.

Turbine provided great coaching which helped us identify what we, as individuals, were good at and motivated by. Knowing and aligning with one’s strengths is critical for any entrepreneur and we realised we were not leveraging ours enough. By challenging us and asking us the right questions, our coach Diane encouraged us to build and test our first workshops, which unlocked all sorts of possibilities for us.

Had we joined the Turbine later we would have benefited from a more developed incubation programme which now includes expert sessions on topics such as sales and marketing, as well as more public exposure and networking. We were one of the first incubatees and as is the case for any early customer, we helped Turbine fine-tune their offer.

What are your future plans.

  • Our next brunch is coming up on 26th May at Farmcity (see our Facebook page for details)
  • We’ve refreshed our website to better explain our training services
  • We will soon launch a series of blog posts on LinkedIn to bring our learnings and insights to help directors and senior managers improve their training programmes.


FundKiss is one among the first start-ups that has been incubated by Turbine.

After months of research, preparation and hard work, Paul Perrier, Ludovic Rajibe and Alexandre Béchard, the co-founders of Fundkiss, are now ready! They launched Fundkiss in the Mauritian market last month, making it available for all SMEs seeking financial help and investors willing to help local entrepreneurs.

Below is their exclusive interview with Turbine.

What are the main reasons for founding FundKiss?

While observing the financial ecosystem in Mauritius, we, the cofounders of FundKiss, identified the need of a more streamlined approach to raising capital for small and medium enterprises(SMEs). Leveraging on our collective experience in finance which was acquired both locally and internationally, we joined forces to launch FundKiss. FundKiss operates the island’s first licensed crowdlending platform that allows anyone to lend money directly to an SME. This innovative solution is known as crowdlending.

FundKiss leverages on the power of its community (the crowd of lenders) to support SMEs with an alternative fast financing solution. Also, lenders can invest in local companies, thereby enjoying solid returns while supporting the local real economy. FundKiss empowers people who want to make an impact locally and support Mauritian SMEs.

Who can use this platform and its services?

Our platform plays a dual role, both for borrowers and for lenders.
As borrowers, SMEs and entrepreneurs are able to present their creative ideas to scale up their business to FundKiss and have the opportunity to feature it on the platform to raise funds and achieve their goals.

As lenders, corporations and individuals have the unique opportunity to invest in great SMEs’ projects and achieve solid returns.

For example, since we launched FundKiss, we have received numerous requests from a variety of small and medium businesses in Mauritius. All eager to find an alternative solution to finance their projects.

Potential lenders and borrowers are welcome to:
 register on the platform at www.fundkiss.mu
 send us an email on contact@fundkiss.mu
 comment on our Facebook page

Why launching FundKiss now? Why is it the right time to launch this platform?

The business ecosystem of our country is changing rapidly and so are the needs of Mauritian businesses. We believe that FundKiss comes at the right time by offering an innovative financial solution to our business community that is not only in line with international trends but also with the mentality of our entrepreneurs.

Why the name FundKiss?

The name “Fundkiss” is made up of the word ”Fund” and the acronym “Kiss”.

The company provides a platform where SMEs can raise funds to finance their projects and lenders can invest their funds in interesting projects. Like our platform, the word “fund” connects the borrowers to the lenders

As we pledge to ensure transparency, rapidity and simplicity, we incorporate our promise directly into our company name and use the acronym “Kiss” for Keep It Smart & Simple,

This is how the word ‘FundKiss’ came to life.


Starting up Mauritius Conscious has been one of the most exciting, challenging and fulfilling journeys I’ve taken in my life. Waking up at 6:00 am without an alarm clock and feeling ready to start working (also during weekends), is quite a change for me, who used to drag myself out of bed begging for 5 more minutes in my past jobs. I relate this feeling to when I was younger and wanted to wake up early to continue playing my new games; doing what you love leaves you almost tireless – take it from an entrepreneur after 2 years down the road.

The excitement of the first achievements and the continuous “1% wins” fill me with pride and satisfaction; especially when I realize that we started from zero and now, Mauritius Conscious exists. It is a real company, with a real team, real customers and real testimonials of satisfaction.




Within our KPI’s, these are some milestones we are pretty proud of:

  • Mauritius Conscious counts with a network of 30 local partners including small-scale accommodations, ecotourism guides, community-based tours, eco-dive programs and the first agritourism project in Mauritius. With them, we can provide more than 40 authentic and conscious activities to travelers.
  • We’ve partnered with My Green Trip to provide cleaning kits to Mauritius Conscious travelers booking excursions in nature. Our mission is to help clean up our natural spaces, one traveler at the time.
  • 3 international Travel Agencies, in South Africa, Switzerland & the USA, are ready to distribute our products in their countries of residence.
  • The National Geographic Traveller visited us and wrote an article recommending Mauritius Conscious as the Tour Operator to discover Mauritius differently, adventurously & respectfully.
  • This year, our team welcomed the first two members to run ground operations in Sales and Marketing and Sustainable Community Management





What it is to be an entrepreneur at Turbine?

 The cliché says that the best part of running your own business is to be your own boss and get to work whenever you want. Truth is, being a boss that delivers with limited resources means working nearly the whole day. My team and I decided to join Turbine because we are first-timers at setting up all components of a business and we could definitely use some guidance on that. Turbine’s coaching is helpful especially because we get an outsider’s (experienced!) point of view into our ups and downs, which helps us take decisions with a clearer and cooler mind.

Being your own boss also requires a lot of discipline, and I’ve found quite an effective routine by working from Turbine. I like the formal options it gives me to host meetings, as well as the relaxed, friendly ambience you breathe on a daily basis. Another asset is the interaction and opportunities found with other entrepreneurs. It’s amazing the amount of help, enlightenment and motivation you can get from fellow co-workers who specialize in different industries.


The endeavors of Mauritius Conscious 

In the following months, Mauritius Conscious undertakes to achieve:

  • Trips that are a 100% carbon neutral (!)
  • A team with 4 full-time, talented employees apart from the Founding Directors (Sales, Marketing & Web Master)
  • Add 6 more international distributors in our target markets
  • V.2 of our website – beautiful and intuitive.

We’re glad to count with the support of Turbine and its network of experts to make this milestones a success!