Almost every productivity book for entrepreneurs suggests proactivity as a very important quality to hone. Still, the importance of proactivity for building a successful startup has not been stressed enough. It may be a buzzword among founders and entrepreneurs, but not many understand it to its core. So, we took stock of the nitty-gritties of proactivity and created a simple guide for entrepreneurs to follow.

Here we go:

  1. Don’t trivialise it: Many founders in the entrepreneur fraternity have diluted the importance of being proactive by touting it in networking events just to sound impressive. Though they may blabber about it often, they hardly act upon it sincerely. So, be more proactive instead of just talking about it.
  1. Unleash your full potential: Proactivity is so necessary for entrepreneurial activity, it can help entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential. It is proactivity that leads to massive success. Every time you show proactiveness in the smallest of affairs, you’ll get one step closer to exploring your own potential.
  1. Be future-oriented: By definition itself, proactivity is about anticipating problems of the future and figuring out its solution on-the-go. But, zooming in, you’ll realise that proactivity boils down to taking well-planned action in the quickest way possible. Be curious to find out what could happen next, and how you would face it.
  1. Outperform reactivity: Reactivity responds to stimulus. When you react, its a response to something that has happened. But, proactivity is a response to something you preempt by careful observation of the present. This helps you prepare in advance for an upcoming issue, and therefore, proactivity will always outperform reactivity. 
  1. Compel yourself to be disciplined: Due to our past, unintrospected behaviours, we are habitiuated to being reactive. But, when such temptations occur, you must create a reason to stick to proactivity. For this, your reason that would compel you to remain proactive should be very stong and clear in your mind. So, create a clear goal and ponder on its significance to you. Why is it that you want to achieve that goal so badly? Only your goals can save you from wavering away with distraction and temptations.
  1. Get rid of procrastination: When you procrastinate, it builds pressure and stress, which in turn reduces your ability to think clearly and creatively. Therefore, beating procrastination is key. According to Harvard Buisness Review, you can beat procrastination by using these five simple steps:
    1. Imagine how you’d feel when you complete the task you’re avoiding
    2. Imagine how you’d feel if you failed to complete the task
    3. Commit to completing your task within the given deadline and be accountable for it
    4. Find out the first and the smallest step to get you started
    5. Reward yourself for completing the first step of the task.
      Once you follow these steps, a momentum will build and you’ll be able to continue completing your task will much ease.
  1. Imbibe it in your life: In order to drill proactivity right into your life, you need to first believe that proactivity is a lucrative investment for your life. It will open doors to endless opportunities and thus, countless successes. Because, doing is the fist step to achieving anything. There is potential in everything, no matter how big or small. If you invest your time, effort and energy in somehting, it will reap a reward. So, all you need to do is form a habit of trying out things. Don’t leave them on the back-burner, just prioritize them wisely.

If you’re on the road to achieving more success, we hope this guide comes handy and makes your journey clearer. Now, you know what proactivity is, how important it can be for you to achieve your entrepreneurial pursuit and how you can utilise it to reap some rewards. To explore more with us, get in touch at