Turbine’s Test Drive 6 Programme was launched last week. Thirteen projects have been selected this time to participate and develop their business ideas. We kicked off the Test Drive 6 Programme with an online Meet & Greet Session where every participants had the opportunity to e-meet the Turbine Team and coaches.

Similar to Test Drive 4, all workshops will be conducted online.

Test Drive 6: Workshop 1

This is not the first time that Turbine will be conducting online workshops for its Test Drive. Last year, for Test Drive 4, Turbine had to shift all its workshops online. These workshops aim to support participants develop their ideas into a Business Plan and a Pitch along with a Landing Page.

The workshops are as follows:

  1. Start Ups Fundamentals & Business Modelling by Joe and Coralie of Gemstone
  2. The Minimum Viable Product & Build-Measure-Learn by Joe and Coralie of Gemstone
  3. Building your landing page and Automate task with API by Le Wagon Mauritius
  4. Budget and Forecast by Isabelle de Melo
  5. How To Pitch by Marc Israel

Pitch Night & Members of the Jury

Test Drive 4 Pitch Night

This time around, Turbine, in collaboration with the MCB is looking for the most Impactful business idea. Turbine’s Test Drive 6 winner will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Impact of the project on the society
  • Impact of the project on the economy
  • And the impact of the project on the environment

Members of the jury will include Nassima Sadar-Gravier of Mo-Angels, Guillaume Hardy of Seed Capital Ltd and Dominic Provencal of MCB.

The Pitch Night has been scheduled for the 21st of June 2021. The best project of Test Drive 6 will win a cheque of Rs 75,000 sponsored by the MCB and will also have the opportunity to join Turbine’s Incubation Programme with other selected projects.

About Turbine

Turbine has received 800+ ideas till now with more than 95 participants in its Test Drive Programmes. It has also incubated 22 start ups out of which 15 are generating revenue.

Read more on Turbine’s start ups here.