After participating in the last edition of Test Drive, KonekTwa has been incubated at Turbine this year. KonekTwa is the first influencer marketing platform in Mauritius. Its founder Adarsh Gujadhur, a graduate in mechanical engineering and a dance choreographer shares his Test Drive journey with us.

What is KonekTwa?

KonekTwa is a platform for local brands/advertisers to engage with local content creators and influencers for their social media ad campaigns, all while promoting a community of influencers to help each other prosper. We promote and sensitize brands to the world of influencer marketing as well as sharing the knowledge of marketing on social media platforms.

What was your thought process when you saw the AD for the Test Drive?

I had known about Test Drive since its second edition back in 2018, but I always second guessed myself to apply it. An entrepreneur’s life is a tough one, so they say and I was not sure I was up to the task. Seeing its ads on social media platforms encouraged me to apply because it somehow maintained the barrier that allowed me to cope with rejection- in the worst case scenario. I should also mention that I did not apply the first or second time I saw the ad, I kept the deadline in the back of my mind and worked on a presentable way of explaining my idea and that’s when I applied.

What was your experience of participating in Test Drive?

Test Drive was an absolute delight! It structured my business in such a way that today, I feel more confident with the company I’ve launched. Getting to interact with reputed experts from each area of a start up helped me properly gauge and make informed decisions about my business moving forward. The weekly meetings with the mentor created a safe space for me to discuss my fears, obstacles and successes. The workshops provided me with knowledge that I lacked and opened my eyes to fresher perspectives.

Lastly, the sense of community created with the contestants of Test Drive is something so special. We felt like we were on the same boat, we all have a vision of our future and we were all striving to get there- a common goal. The sense of community that Turbine creates is special, not just with the participants, but with the staff always at your service, the former start uppers helping as much as they can and the beautiful infrastructure allowing the ease of communication and work.

 Do you have any advice for someone with a business idea?

It is okay not to have all the answers. Test Drive and Turbine fully understands the struggles of an entrepreneur and helps you as much as they can in every aspect of a start up.