Tasha Ayacanou is the Brand and Content Marketer at Mauritius Conscious. She has very kindly agreed to open up to us about her experience as a coworker at Turbine.


How long have you been a coworker at Turbine?

I joined Mauritius Conscious Travel in August 2019 and have been a happy co-worker at Turbine ever since.

What was your first impression of the place?

I remember coming to entrepreneurial events well before joining the community as a co-worker and my first impression was: ‘WOWZA!’

I was stunned (even till this day) by the location. Turbine is set in Vivea Business Park, a local gem that is home to century-old trees within luscious greenery and ancient buildings. Walking towards the co-working space every morning leaves me in awe of its historical beauty.



How does working from Turbine compare to other work environments you have been in?

Turbine is the definition of entrepreneurial lifestyle. It offers all the facilities to co-workers to help them thrive in their businesses. I am personally very fond of the flexibility. It is in the heart of the co-working. From the various working areas (couches, community tables, conference rooms and even a newly acquired bean bag which is my favourite!) you get to change your work environment as you please and get to co-work with other Turbiners.

Working from Turbine offers a unique business-friendly workspace. I did experience a boost in productivity within my first months here, thanks to it’s naturally stimulating environment. The interior boasts an aesthetically pleasing industrial design and it’s open space works like a charm.

What would you say to someone looking for a coworking space?


Well first of all I would say, grab yourself a drink because this will be a long read! However, should you fancy yourself working in a co-working space, here are the top 3 reasons why Turbine would be the best pick for you.

1. There is much more than meets the eye.

In addition to having a stunning location and interior, Turbine is a lively hub for networking and insightful events all year round. Being in the co-working space gives you access to exclusive workshops hosted by experts in their respective field, which can only elevate your entrepreneurial skills and add value to your business.

We also have a casual monthly get-together with the co-workers, hosted by Turbine (pizzas are on the house!) which is great to catch up on things and spark up conversations.



2. Eat. Work. Repeat.

I am a lovable foodie and it is a big advantage being located at walking distance from the hot spots of St Pierre. There is a wide array of choices, from Kendra Shopping Mall, Les Allées d’Helvetia to the local street food stalls. A true time-saver for grocery shopping or heading for a delicious lunch.

Turbine has a fully functional kitchen, perfect to keep your produce fresh till you reach home.

3. De-bunking the co-working myth.

Co-working at first may sound noisy, full of distractions and it can even start to brew a feeling of uneasiness dealing with strangers in your daily work environment. Well, let me say, you would be impressed by the work ethic of the Turbiners.

Although we are a couple of start-ups, freelancers and small-businesses working together in a open-space, we barely hear any noise. From occasional good laughs to knowledge sharing or recommendations, you never lose your focus.