When considering start-up ventures in 2019, innovation seems to be one of the central keywords. People want something good, something better or something new. Following this logic, some businesses have a higher chance of success than others. This article lists some of the most promising start-up ventures. These may or may not seem very exciting right now. However, they have the potential to be highly in demand in the future.

1. Social Media Management

The right time to launch a business in the field of social media management is undeniably now. Advertising trends are shifting drastically and the world is more connected than ever. Businesses want to increase their online presence and take advantage of the exposure that social media sites offer. However, the number of websites that need to be kept track of and animated is enormous. It is enough to create job and start-up opportunities that have a very high probability of success. Starting a business in this field also does not require much capital and presents a variety of advantages, including flexibility. This, along with other benefits, can make for a smooth but satisfying start.

2. Online Coach/ Consultancy

There are various ways in which a start-up in online coaching can be made into a successful business. For instance, considering the rise in healthy eating awareness, a lot of people would be willing to spend money on solid advice about their food. Gyms are also currently popular, which means that the fitness market is rising. As such, online fitness coaches might be highly in demand soon. One other way would be to take advantage of the competitive employment market. Giving advice and teaching clients skills that will enable them to land jobs are bound to financially succeed.

3. Online Teaching

In line with a pattern of online jobs, this start-up follows the same logic as the others. People are more connected than ever and they go online for services that they would otherwise have physically sought. Teaching is one of these services. Whether it be learning languages or specific subjects, online platforms such as Skype can be incredibly useful. Time also plays a crucial role in making this venture promising. People do not have time to physically attend courses. However, they are already connected to the internet for work or leisure. It is much easier for them to log in for an online course. Simultaneously, it may also be easier for an online teacher to get more students and therefore, more money.

4. Web Development

The website market is booming and web developers already are and will surely still be in demand. Opening a start-up in this field would therefore mostly guarantee success, depending on the skills of the web developers. This is, after all, sensitive and time-consuming work that not everyone can commit to. The only alternative is to pay for it. Another way to go about becoming an entrepreneur in this field would be to build a series of niche sites. These would then be connected via affiliate links in order to earn passive income. In any case, web development is one of the top start-ups to consider in 2019.

5. Eco-business / Plastic Alternatives

With the decreased use of plastic across the country and the global sensitisation campaign on the matter, people are less and less willing to use the material. There is no reason to keep using plastic if there are good enough alternatives. As such, this field has potential to grow into a flourishing market. An idea and investment in the idea are all it takes for a business to thrive. This field is no different. As mentioned above, people always want something good, which would be an original idea; something better, which would be an improvement over the original idea; something new, which would be an innovation.


As the markets continue to evolve, more start-ups will emerge and succeed according to the trends. Picking the right time to launch a business is therefore crucial. There is a common factor in most of the above-mentioned start-up ventures and that is connectivity; technology. Whether to take advantage of this era of online importance or not is a decision that is up to future entrepreneurs.