The upcoming years will foster drastic innovations in terms of technology. With the advancement of  blockchain and artificial intelligence, human interference will decrease dramatically. This in turn, will have a significant impact on the job market. This article lists some of the jobs that will be in high demand in two to three decades.

However, before getting into this list of futuristic jobs, it is important to look at what skills will be required in this era of Blockchain and AI. Indeed, what the youth is learning may prove to become obsolete in the upcoming decades. What is taken for granted nowadays, may in turn become crucial in the future. Jobs that require common sense and creative prowess will take over. Kids these days cannot be molded for a specific field anymore as the market is constantly changing.

Instead, they need to be given the tools to adapt to the future job market demands. Skills that do not expire are mostly soft skills, namely communication, teamwork and critical thinking.

Social skills and critical thinking will certainly be most versatile skills to have, regardless of the job’s other requirements. Caring and feeling are abilities that robots cannot be programmed for, after all. Also, continuous learning is and will be crucial to keep up with the rapidly morphing market. The following list shows some of the jobs that will make use of the above-mentioned skills:

1. Trash Engineer

The world population creates an enormous amount of waste with each passing minute. The space to store the trash is bound to become a problem soon. Trash engineers will therefore be highly in demand in the future.

2. Medical Mentor

Doctors and surgeons are jobs that will be taken over by robots in the upcoming decades. Following machine intervention, patients will need a medical mentor. This person will assist them along their healing process in a way only a human can. This job will make full use of the communication and social skills mentioned earlier.

3. Organ/ Body Part Creator

Another job within the medical field will be that of an organ or body part creator. This will most likely be the solution to the long list of people waiting for a donor. It will also solve the problem of the illegal organ black market.

4. Alternative Energy Consultant

Fossil fuel will soon become scarce and people will need to make primary use of alternative energy. However, solar, wind and hydro powers do not function the same way and do not provide the same benefits. The alternative energy consultant will therefore assist individuals, companies or governments in choosing which energy is best for them.

5. Personal Productivity People

As technology progresses, the number of distractions that block a person from doing his/her work also increases. To remedy to this situation, personal productivity people will act like coaches to make their clients more efficient. They will provide advice and tips to help people who do not want to lose their jobs to machines.


In most of the works mentioned above, children will need to have interpersonal skills. They will also have to be able to adapt to changes within the volatile job market. To get jobs that robots cannot do, our children will have to hone both their social and intellectual abilities via ongoing education.