Turbine recently announced the launch of its pre-incubation program, the Test Drive 2018 for business ideas, and it promises to be the ultimate event for aspiring entrepreneurs. Over the past couple of years Turbine has been building an ecosystem of disruptive entrepreneurs in Mauritius as a primary objective. As a result the business incubator has launched many initiatives; one of which is the Test Drive 2018.


Generally, a pre-incubation program is designed to prepare start-ups

Test Drive program runs over four evenings. It consists of 3 workshops carefully designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs a maximum number of tools that will enable them to transform their business idea into a concrete start-up. On the first night, participants will attend talks and hands on ateliers where they are brought to strategically think, analyze and improve their ideas. The second evening will help them envisage what their expected outcomes should be, it will be done under close supervision of local industry experts in order to ensure that realistic and achievable goals are being set. This will prepare start-ups for the third night, when they will develop their sales techniques and learn how to pitch in front of investors.

The fourth night is when participants are brought to put all the skills and tools learnt during the previous sessions to use: its pitch night! Aspiring start-ups present their ideas and projects in front of potential investors.


Programs like the Test Drive are a crucial part of promoting entrepreneurship in Mauritius. The implication here is simple yet very powerful: The more people are empowered to launch startups, the more successful businesses will be launched. Successful businesses grow and create employment which in turn contributes to a healthier national economy.

Other than that, businesses that Turbine promotes are innovative: They aim to address issues that are not currently being tackled and this means that the population in general benefits from solutions to problems they face in their day to day life that they did not previously have access to.


The hype here is simply that there are no such programs open to the public freely. This year, Turbine has surpassed its previous efforts to truly deliver the best possible workshops by partnering up with local industry experts.

Apply to the Test Drive here!