We invited Sylvia Maigrot, founder and partner in charge of corporate and business facilitation services at BOX OFFICE LTD, along with Mrs Joelle Barnett to our monthly workshop for our incubated start-ups.

The objective of the workshop was to bring light on the mandatory legal framework that need to be followed by entrepreneurs. This include the various administrative work involved while setting up a start-up, the different permits that are needed (trade license, data protection laws, etc), filing of accounts, the annual return and the procedures compliant to the law when there are changes in the company.

Sylvia explains that “In our field of work, we witness the negative effects of inadequately structured business entities every day and I welcome the initiative of Turbine to provide a platform for start-ups to breach that gap and get access to the required information. The workshop should enable participants to know WHAT and WHERE to look for in respect of their business structure and regulation of activities.”


Diane Maigrot, Start-up coach and business developer of Turbine: Having been through the journey of a start-up myself, I understand the complexity of finding information t0o be compliant with the laws when operating a business. It would have been a real time saver to have been exposed to all these information when I started my business. I believe it is imperative that our incubated start-ups are aware of all the different laws and policies to smoothly start their respective business.

Ludmilla Moutou, co-founder of Létour Ltd: This workshop has really shed light on the various laws for entrepreneurs that I was unaware of. I received a lot of useful tips on legal framework!

Dodi Mardemootoo, founder of Fancy dreams Ltd: Great insights on legislations in force in Mauritius and I learned about the different steps needed to ensure that my start-up is compliant.

Shameer C.M Ramdin, co-founder of AVR Plato: It has really helped to identify the different aspects needed to be put in place through the legal framework.

About Sylvia Maigrot

With  26 years’ of experience in company administration and secretarial practice, board, committee and shareholders’ meetings, corporate governance, managing stakeholders’ relationships, liaising with and reporting to regulatory authorities, Sylvia is also an advisor in company/group restructuring, due diligence and business acquisitions. She specialized in Hospitality Industry, i.e, sustainability, operations audit and compliance, risk mitigation, implementation of management systems, statutory obligations and training modules, coaching.