Starting up Mauritius Conscious has been one of the most exciting, challenging and fulfilling journeys I’ve taken in my life. Waking up at 6:00 am without an alarm clock and feeling ready to start working (also during weekends), is quite a change for me, who used to drag myself out of bed begging for 5 more minutes in my past jobs. I relate this feeling to when I was younger and wanted to wake up early to continue playing my new games; doing what you love leaves you almost tireless – take it from an entrepreneur after 2 years down the road.

The excitement of the first achievements and the continuous “1% wins” fill me with pride and satisfaction; especially when I realize that we started from zero and now, Mauritius Conscious exists. It is a real company, with a real team, real customers and real testimonials of satisfaction.




Within our KPI’s, these are some milestones we are pretty proud of:

  • Mauritius Conscious counts with a network of 30 local partners including small-scale accommodations, ecotourism guides, community-based tours, eco-dive programs and the first agritourism project in Mauritius. With them, we can provide more than 40 authentic and conscious activities to travelers.
  • We’ve partnered with My Green Trip to provide cleaning kits to Mauritius Conscious travelers booking excursions in nature. Our mission is to help clean up our natural spaces, one traveler at the time.
  • 3 international Travel Agencies, in South Africa, Switzerland & the USA, are ready to distribute our products in their countries of residence.
  • The National Geographic Traveller visited us and wrote an article recommending Mauritius Conscious as the Tour Operator to discover Mauritius differently, adventurously & respectfully.
  • This year, our team welcomed the first two members to run ground operations in Sales and Marketing and Sustainable Community Management





What it is to be an entrepreneur at Turbine?

 The cliché says that the best part of running your own business is to be your own boss and get to work whenever you want. Truth is, being a boss that delivers with limited resources means working nearly the whole day. My team and I decided to join Turbine because we are first-timers at setting up all components of a business and we could definitely use some guidance on that. Turbine’s coaching is helpful especially because we get an outsider’s (experienced!) point of view into our ups and downs, which helps us take decisions with a clearer and cooler mind.

Being your own boss also requires a lot of discipline, and I’ve found quite an effective routine by working from Turbine. I like the formal options it gives me to host meetings, as well as the relaxed, friendly ambience you breathe on a daily basis. Another asset is the interaction and opportunities found with other entrepreneurs. It’s amazing the amount of help, enlightenment and motivation you can get from fellow co-workers who specialize in different industries.


The endeavors of Mauritius Conscious 

In the following months, Mauritius Conscious undertakes to achieve:

  • Trips that are a 100% carbon neutral (!)
  • A team with 4 full-time, talented employees apart from the Founding Directors (Sales, Marketing & Web Master)
  • Add 6 more international distributors in our target markets
  • V.2 of our website – beautiful and intuitive.

We’re glad to count with the support of Turbine and its network of experts to make this milestones a success!