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Diane Maigrot~ An entrepreneur coaching Turbine’s incubated start-ups

Diane Maigrot, a serial entrepreneur in Mauritius, has launched many businesses starting right after her BTS Graduation. Diane joined Turbine as a start-up coach since May 2017 and worked exclusively with our first two start-ups Mauritius Conscious and DodoWorkPlay. Diane now work full-time at Turbine and coaches many start-ups in various fields. She shares with […]

DodoWorkPlay ~ A new way of learning

DodoWorkPlay is one of Turbine’s first incubated start-up. We both started our respective journey in developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem nearly together. We are happy to see how they have grown in the past year. Below we bring you an exclusive interview of Joe and Coralie, the founders of DodoWorkPlay. Tell us about DodoWorkPlay? DodoWorkPlay is […]

Funding, growth and shareholders agreement: insights from Philippe Hardy

In our quest to build our incubated start-ups capabilities and enhance their entrepreneurial journey with the right tools and information, we invited Philippe Hardy, managing director and corporate finance advisor at PSG Wealth and chairperson of Transparency Mauritius, to help our start-ups with his deep understanding in finance, growth and the shareholder agreement that an […]

Africarena Tour 2018 Mauritius

Turbine had the honour of hosting the first Africarena Tour 2018 in Mauritius on the 2nd of May 2018.The event was organized in collaboration of Compass Venture Capital, the French Tech and the Africarena. Africarena is an international platform that explores start-ups and innovators in order to identify the best ones. The latter get exposure […]

Raising Awareness of Regulatory Frameworks in Mauritius for start-ups with Sylvia Maigrot

We invited Sylvia Maigrot, founder and partner in charge of corporate and business facilitation services at BOX OFFICE LTD, along with Mrs Joelle Barnett to our monthly workshop for our incubated start-ups. The objective of the workshop was to bring light on the mandatory legal framework that need to be followed by entrepreneurs. This include the […]

FundKiss ~ a crowdlending platform for SMEs

FundKiss is one among the first start-ups that has been incubated by Turbine. After months of research, preparation and hard work, Paul Perrier, Ludovic Rajibe and Alexandre Béchard, the co-founders of Fundkiss, are now ready! They launched Fundkiss in the Mauritian market last month, making it available for all SMEs seeking financial help and investors […]