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Changing career paths at 50

People have different reactions towards the thought of changing career paths at 50. Some are excited, while some are scared and others are unsure. Many question the need to switch to another job at this specific age since they do not have much left until retirement. The reactions all depend on the point of view. […]

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Launch your start-up in Mauritius

When you think about launching your start-up in Mauritius, various questions and doubts arise. Will you get funding? Does Mauritius have a market for your business? Will your start-up be able to grow within the island? However, despite its shortcomings, Mauritius may be just the right place to launch a start-up. Helpful development schemes Mauritius […]

Turbine Test Drive 2019: an ecological initiative rewarded

Every aspiring entrepreneur wants his/her idea to attract attention and grow. In this sense, Turbine gives a valuable opportunity to Mauritian entrepreneurs. Indeed, it enables them to participate in a pitch session which allows them to unveil their idea(s) to sponsors and potential investors. The second season of the Test Drive crowned Clean Ocean as […]

Millennials: how to keep them in our companies

The term millennials is normally used to refer to those aged between 18 and 35. Also called Gen Y, this group of people are bound to bring about various changes to the general working environment. Their expectations with regards to their jobs are also usually different from that of previous generations. When interviewed, many of […]

How are incubators changing the start-up scenes around the world?

An incubator is by definition a growth infrastructure which helps new ventures develop into successful businesses. The process usually involves the provision of physical and communication facilities as well as networking possibilities and education. Via the assistance provided, the start-up will eventually gain access to capital. Origin The concept of incubators was born in the […]

What is going on in the entrepreneurial world in Mauritius and other African countries?

Entrepreneurship plays a key role in the economic fabric of a country. As such, Mauritius and African countries in general should focus on the development of this sector and encourage the growth of startups. Key figures in Africa Various statistics regarding entrepreneurship engagement in African countries show a positive response in terms of business launching […]