Whether you’re a start-up, freelancer, or a growing business, you definitely need “new blood” in order to sustain. Client acquisition is one of the toughest challenges encountered by newcomers on the market. In some cases, some subtle factors like competition or poor sales process can lead to business failure. However, you can notice quantifiable success by doing the right things. In order to increase your customer base, find out the strategies set up to help businesses in this endeavor:

Networking in Mauritius

By network, we mean connections with the right people. As such, there’s no better way to increase your brand awareness than connecting with new people, introducing your products or services, and generating the classic word-of-mouth approach. Now, trying to make connections with the right people is not an easy task when you don’t know where to find them. Attending networking events can be an appropriate way to find your ideal clients in an ocean of people. At Turbine, we organise regular networking events that allow our aspiring entrepreneurs to get to know each other and present their solutions to potential clients and investors. In addition, our free ASPIRElearn Programme offers other networking opportunities through monthly workshops.

Digital Presence

Your website and social media networks make an outstanding difference when monitored, updated and designed properly.

Let’s take a look at social media. With a meaningful presence on the relevant platforms, you have more chances to find genuine and returning clients. With the right content, constant interaction with your audience, and an appealing visual impression, your brand awareness will level up. Finding your ideal customers where they are, should be your utmost priority and there are so many ways to find them when using social media. For instance,  Facebook groups can be the right place to find clients; try to find groups that are niche-specific to your industry, and you won’t be disappointed. As for your website, it could be a goldmine. With the right design, content, graphics, and SEO implementation, you can attract qualified customers and impress them right away. As an introduction to the world, your website should showcase all your skills, expertise and services. We live in an era where consumers rely, most of the time, on online content to make purchase decisions. So, if ever you’re a veteran or newcomer in your field, regular updates on your website will definitely be beneficial to your brand image and business. 

Promote your expertise with Turbine Incubator

Showcase your industry expertise! Get prospects to know you by speaking on industry panels, giving webinars or workshops, speaking at industry events, and holding educational sessions. These are a few ways to impress your potential new customers with your subject expertise. 

This technique works particularly well as people always want to learn new things. By introducing them to your world, and explaining the different components behind it, you will generate interest and attract customers on the way. A digital marketer giving workshops on the digital marketing sphere to entrepreneurs is an excellent example of how to attract customers in the long run. Join our community of experts today!

Develop partnerships

Why do we have to be competitors when we can be codependent without stepping on each other’s toes? Teaming up with businesses that have a similar customer base can be gratifying in terms of traffic, clients acquisition, growth, and long-term profitability. For example, freelancers like graphic designers and copywriters might partner up and help each other by sharing clients. 

Partnering up might also help you in saving on advertising, marketing, and platforms that help to boost your digital presence. When a professional relationship is developed, another network is created with more opportunities along the way and could be mutually beneficial to the parties.

Offer discounts and promotions to new clients

Make an offer that won’t go unnoticed. Introduce monthly discounts or buy 1-get-1 deals to hook new customers. For example, a gym owner could cancel its deposit fees for the month of December. New customers might pay their monthly costs only and it could encourage a lot of people to start their fitness journey during holidays. 

The more attractive the offer is, the more attention you might get from potential clients. Start by targeting them with marketing messages and emails. This will encourage them to buy from you and progressively cement their loyalty through long-term sales strategies.

If ever one of your resolutions this year is to increase your customer base, these strategies will help you as a starter list. Try to be creative and add your own ideas. If you think that the purpose of finding customers for your business is to sell and generate more revenues, you’re already on the wrong path. The purpose is to create your own community, your own network. Every entrepreneur would like to have valuable long-term relationships with clients that fit their business model. Why not you? For more information about how we can help your business grow, send us an email at hello@turbine.mu