Our 2nd workshop took place with a bang!

Laurent Bourelly, the Head of Marketing of the ENL Group with 20 years of experience in the African countries, animated a workshop for our six incubated start-ups on “Know your customer deeply”.


The start-ups got the opportunity to  understand the importance of segmenting and choosing the best suited customers. Many examples were given to highlight the power of branding and brand loyalty.

They were exclusively given precised facts and figures on the Mauritian market from recent studies made by the ENL group.


Few feedback from the Incubates:

Shameer from AVR Plato ~ ” This workshop has given me a better direction towards which I need to focus my attention in knowing my  customer”

JIbran from Navigro Pro ~ ” Segmenting implies efficient targeting!”

Dodi from Fancy dreams ~ “How to approaching potential customers and get their insights on our products are more clear now with use of the killer questions”

Pooja Raghoo

Pooja Raghoo

Passionate about the start-up world and having a strong marketing professional background with a Bachelor's degree focused in Management minor Entrepreneurship from University of Mauritius.
Pooja Raghoo

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